1. Hello nurses!
    Any suggestion on where to apply for a job? I have filled out so many apps and I get the same thing every time, apply again once I have experience! Where can I get experience if no one will hire me!! : (
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  3. by   merricks4
    Hello! I don't know what kind of work your looking for but nationwide children's hospital is looking for private duty homecare nurses. I work for them now.
  4. by   HippyDippyLPN
    I had the exact same problem when I graduated with my LPN in 2008, I have worked as a STNA for 2 year prior so I figured it would be no problem getting a job. I was wrong! I didnt land a job untill jan 2010. Nearly 1.5 years later. And it was in a broke down nursing home in a bad part of town but I took what I could get, I got paid crap too. I stayed there for 6 months then accepted a job in a ENT's office (which was equally as horrible) but I stuck it out and now I work in a great family practical with great hours. My advice is to just keep applying and dont think you are above a certain pay. My first 2 years as an LPN were awful (not saying yours will be) with 26:1 patient ratios, crazy administrators, I was about to quit the profession when I found my current job. So even if you have to take a crappy job just know the job you do want is out there.