New Hondros (Fairborn) LPN student starting in January '12

  1. Hello, I will be starting the PN program in January so I just wanted to reach out to anyone doing the same or who is currently a student here. I am in the process of getting my vaccinations together and will be taking the CPR class soon in Xenia.
    Hope to hear from anyone out there
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  3. by   dwright1203
    Hi Curt,

    I hope all is well. I am actually a 5th term RN student at Hondros (Westerville) campus and the Student Ambassador for all campuses.

    I saw your post and wanted to reply and say welcome to Hondros College School of Nursing. I am sure you will find the nursing curriculum interesting and rewarding. I am here to help anyway I can. Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

    Good luck to you and good luck in your new nursing career!

  4. by   tnbutterfly
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  5. by   Nurse2BAshleigh
    Hoping to begin the LPN program in April '12. I am very excited. Trying to get all of my ducks in a row with the checklist before classes begin. One question I did have was what kind of computer and printer are in the technology package? Also are there any classes that have no other options than 8am? I'm trying to coordinate getting my daughter on the bus and getting myself to school in the morning. Trying to avoid before school programs or day care if I can. Another question I have is can we purchase our own stethoscope? I have heard the ones they give you dont have very good sound. I wanted to purchase a littman so I can make sure I am hearing all the sounds I am supposed to and not miss anything.

    I planned to ask the faculty these questions but have yet to have anyone return my call. Any input anyone can give would be Great!

  6. by   HDHRN
    Hi there! I just started the ADN program in July.The computer I got was a black Dell Latitude laptop. I love it, the keys are nice to type on. lol My printer is a white Dell. They shipped mine to my house and it's still in the box. We have a printer at home and I am debating on what to do with it. You should get the computer at your

    orientation as long as your are debt free for the quarter. Good luck, I hope you get to go there. I have no complaints so far!
  7. by   Jason_H
    Hi, Curt! I'll be starting there in January, too. I'm also getting all my ducks in a row. January will be here before you know it.
  8. by   Calipsychnurse
    I am wondering if anyone is in the LPN to RN program and if you like it? Any comments good or bad?