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New graduate feeling a bit lost

  1. 0 Hi,
    I'm graduating this December and I'm very excited.
    One problem: I can not find the specialty I'd like to go into (and not really sure if it exists).
    I'm really passionate about wellness education. I really like performing skills in my clinicals and I love wound care, but when I think about where I would be happiest, it's definitely educating people about health-fitness, diet, hygeine, etc. I use my communications class (requisite) as a place to put together presentations about these kind of things and I really enjoy it.
    Any ideas of where someone like me should get started?
    I'd appreciate any feedback.
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    First of all, don't worry about not having decided on a practice area. Many new grads aren't certain about where they want to work. There's nothing wrong (and a whole lot right) about getting a solid year of med/surg nursing under your belt after graduation. That year might give you some idea of where you want to go from there. But, one thing comes to mind: Have you considered becoming a certified diabetes educator? That would enable you to do all of the things you say you enjoy.
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