NCLEX Review Courses in Ohio

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    I am preparing to take my NCLEX-RN and I wanted to take a review course since it has been a little while since I was in class. I have heard good things about Kaplan, Mark Klimek, and Hurst. Can anyone tell me anything about these courses like if they are helpful and worth the money? Can anyone tell me about any other review courses in the Columbus Ohio area? I really need all the help I can get! thanks so much everyone!
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  3. by   BacktotheBeach
    I am graduating in June with an associates RN, and I took Mark Klimek over Labor Day weekend. A group of us thought it would help with second year etc. It was fantastic and I highly recommend it. It did help us with our coursework and test taking skills. He is awesome, I can't say enough great things about him.
  4. by   foreverLaur
    I have also heard great things about Mark Klimek and plan to take his course when the time comes. I know of several newly minted RNs who raved about his course! It also seems very affordable.