NCLEX results

  1. I took the NCLEX Friday and the licensure verification page on the Ohio Board of Nursing still says "pending"!!! Everyone else i know who took it had their results by noon the next day.

    Is this a bad sign?? What does it say if you don't pass? I know if you do, it says "approved" Maybe pending means i didn't pass?

    I'm going crazy here. Did it take anyone else this long to get their results and if so, did you pass?

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  3. by   jaylynn67
    Well, i can answer my own post now. I didn't pass. It continues to say "pending" until you pass. It will never say "denied or failed" on the site.

    Here we go again.
  4. by   JessicaSN
    Sorry to hear you failed jaylynn Keep studying and I'll bet you'll pass next time now that you know what the questions are like (because they're sure not what I expected when I took the test).
  5. by   kristi13618
    i know that in june especially, but even when i took my NCLEX in march it took some people a few days before it posted as you passed. I got cut off at 85 and was so concerned, plus it didn't show my results for a few days...but sometimes it just takes a while even if you do pass, but you have to have faith in the system, they just want to make sure you are completely ready for what's out there....just keep studying and remember your ABC's airway, breathing and circulation....then of course patient safety. plus investing in the NCLEX books that have the cd rom with it that gives you questions is a GREAT way to really helps. best of luck to you.
  6. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    well i know two years ago, i took my test on the 13th and it didnt show my result until the 17th...anyway, if you do have to take it again, i whole-heartedly recommend the saunders Nclex review with CD, i did ALL the questions on that CD for about a month before the test and i passed with the minimum questions! Granted i did the PN test, but when i finish my classes for RN i'm going to use saunders RN review book and CD
  7. by   nursey42
    Im sorry that you didnt pass, but don't give up. I have 2 quarters to go yet and I am planning on studying nclex books with cd's. I know when it is my turn I am going to be a nervous wreck and I am not looking forward to it, but I know that no matter the result of the test , I know that I have done my best. Good luck next time!
  8. by   backtothefuture
    I am so sorry u didn't pass but u can take it a billion times over. Keep the faith, don't give up . I know all this is easier said then done but I have been in your shoes and I still didn't make it to the other side but I will keep the faith and I will never give up . I pray u will do the same