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Does anyone know anything about the direct entry masters program at Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati? I have been accepted for the class of May 2010 but have not seen any recent threads on here about this school. If anyone knows... Read More

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    To kespelage14: I work about 12 hours a week right now and I had no problems doing so. I worked through my entire undergrad so I know that for me, if I wasn't working - I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Several people did either cut back significantly or quit their jobs; you'll know within about three weeks if it is feasible or not.

    A lot of people struggled in Pathophysiology or our skills class. I did fine in both, but skills was hard because there are NCLEX style questions - these are very challenging because there are several right answers and you pick the MOST correct one... fun stuff!

    There are a few papers to write for research and professional roles, but I think the longest one is 2 or 3 pages.

    To babyrowe, of course I think the MSN degree is legit - otherwise I wouldn't be in it I did a lot of research and talked to local hospitals and they all really like this degree and are quick to hire (this is local - I can't speak to outside of the greater Cincy region). The May class is shortened and it is does make it more challenging; I just went through it so I know first hand ;-)

    You would still need about two years to become an NP - it will only waive MAYBE one or two classes, depending on the school and the type of NP.

    I would not say you need to buy the books an entire semester in advance. They will send out a list of pre-assignments and there is a looooot of reading here. You will get plenty of time to complete it. You do not want to overkill it... you will burn out easy because it is intense! You will get in the class and realize quickly which classes you need to do the readings for and which classes you don't. For example, in patho, I realized right away that I was NOT going to do all of the reading (there is a lot). Instead, I looked up the diseases that we went over in class to get the full picture. Saved me a lot of time. In Health Assessment, I did the reading because the lecture was short and she flew through it - plus it is an awesome textbook. You will use this a TON in your first clinical so I would read it for sure.

    I would definitely ask the director of the program if you can observe a class. She is a super nice lady and very accomodating. But just FYI: classes are exactly like any other class - we just crunch A LOT more in lecture (and do a LOT more on our own outside of class).

    You will be starting when I am finishing. I have only been through my first semester and clinicals and I can already tell it is going to fly by. BUT, look at their NCLEX pass rates on their website and you will see that this is entirely worth it.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions!

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    Thanks for replying and letting us know all that stuff. I'm glad it's legit. I didn't realize it'd take about 2 yrs to be an NP, I thought it'd be shorter. That's ok though, I'm going to go for it eventually anyway.

    You mentioned Patho and skills. What do you mean by skills? I've never looked at a Patho book. I think I'll get a used one and start acclimating myself with the material.

    I think I'm going to email the director and ask if I can sit in on a class. I think it'll make me less nervous.

    You're right, it's going to FLY by!! I'm happy for you. Good luck!
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    Thank you so much OhRN2!
    I was worried about Pathophysiology, I took it at Cincinnati State when I was originally going for UC's program. It was the hardest class I've taken because of how in-depth it was. I managed to pull a high B though, so hopefully I will be ok.

    How were clinicals? What hospitals did you go to? Have you learned to draw blood or give IVs yet? I'm really excited for the clinical aspect.
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    If you've already taken Pathophysiology you will be at a clear advantage. It's not going to be as scary as it sounds - I promise. Now, pharmacology on the other hand.... we just got our syllabus for that class and it seems a little intimidating We'll make it through though!

    Clinicals were great! We just started our second set of clinicals for Med-Surg and Mental Health. You go to all of the regional hospitals for your clinical rotations; it will vary from semester to semester and from person to person. So far, all of my placements have been awesome.

    You don't learn how to give IVs until your last semester (so for me, I will learn in May) in your Critical Care class. We are going to learn how to administer medications now so we will be doing that this semester in clinical which is going to make things a lot more complicated, but much more exciting!

    Let me know if you have any more questions. Good luck to you all!
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    Are any current students of the MAGELIN program going to be in the Nursing Skills Lab this thursday, October 4th?? I got permission to observe a lab with professor Rigby. I'm super excited and nervous at the same time.

    Do you have any suggestions or advise? I look forward to meeting any of you that might be there.

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    Hi. I am applying to the MAGELIN program for 2013. I thought the program only had one start date in May? Is there an option of a start in August? Did things change? Thanks.
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    There's a start date in May and August. I chose the August start date because it has fewer condensed semesters and I have to make sure I graduate.
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    Is the August start date still a four semester program.? If you start in August 2013 you finish in December 2014?

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