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Mount Carmel Wait List Chances?

  1. 0 Hey all! I applied to Mt. Carmel's Second Degree Accelerated Program and received the letter today stating I was placed on the wait list- #15 to be exact. The letter said the wait list contains less than 30 people. Does anyone have any insight on whether they think I'll get accepted or not? There are 60-ish students accepted in the class.
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    Good luck! I received my letter from Mt Carmel today and was also wait-listed - number 8! During my interview I was told that they went through their entire wait list last year. I'm hoping quite a few people drop so that it works out for the both of us!
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    Great thanks for the info! Hopefully people drop and then the people on the list in front of us didn't finish their pre-reqs!
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    Hi! I am searching all over this board for helpful information about the SDAP interview. I applied to the SDAP program for next year. I am currently taking pre-reqs at CSCC. I have been notified that I will be contacted in May for an interview. Can you give me some insight on what to expect from the interview?

    I hope that everything worked out in your favor. I also wondered about the weight list as I had heard from a friend that there usually is one. I am moving from Texas back to Ohio in May to prepare for entry into this program so I hope it all goes well.

    Thank you in advance for any feedback!
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    Any chance either of you would be willing to share what your undergrad GPA was for admissions?
    Thanks kindly in advance!!!