Miami Jacobs Career College LPN program.

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    Hello Ohioans. I was wondering if anyone has attended Miami Jacobs Career College. I haven't seen any posts about it on here before. I am wanting to attend the LPN program. How much is tuiton? How did you like it was it a good education and well organized etc?
    I currently attend Sinclair and am finishing up in another program but as you all know their waiting list is really long. I plan to come back and do the LPN to RN. I have all the prereqs completed.
    If anyone could let me know about this program that'd be great. Thanks!

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    I haven't really heard anything about them. Just call them up and ask to speak to an admissions representative for the nursing program. They SHOULD be able to give you the information you want, but they may want you to come in and talk to them instead of giving info over the phone. Here's a link about their accreditation:
    I myself am going to RETS for LPN school. I start tomorrow so I can't tell you anything about them yet but they are expensive!! $20,000+ for the program. It includes tuition, books, uniforms (with stethoscope and blood pressure cuff), IV certification, and the fees to take your NCLEX.
    Another option to look at it the Miami Valley Career Technology Center. I think their tuition is a little more than $10,000 but if you're not an STNA you have to get that certification first. It also does not include uniforms, or your exam fees. It also does not include IV Certification.
    Good luck in whatever you decide to do!!
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    Thanks I have never heard of Miami Valley Career Technology Center (whew thats a mouth full). I do plan to go up there sometime soon and check it out. I was just wondering what anyone had to say about the quality of the program. The fact noone has replied makes me kinda nervous. They are just so close to my house. warren County Career Center also is supposed to have a LPN program but I haven't heard anymore details from them. Thanks for the info though!
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    Hey by the way,,,Miami Valley CTC is a great program...I graduated from there last Dec. I passed my boards in Feb. And yes the IV Theraphy certification is included !! I had lost my job so my school fees were paid for by Montgomery County. It was less than $9,000.00. But like I said..the IV included in the program fee....and you do have to pay for your uniforms...and the nclex exam fee....My classes were held at the Brethrens Retirement Home...where as they also had another full time class at the VA in Dayton....and they also have part-time classes. You should check it out....I went from Jan 08,2007 until Dec. 14,2007. Full time.
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    Wow... the info they sent me in January said IV Cert wasn't included.
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    IV Certification is included in the Miami Valley Career Technology Center's programs fees!
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    Dang. I wish I would have known that before I shelled out $20k at RETS. That was one of my deciding factors.
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    Wow. This was in today's Dayton Daily News. This may have an impact on your decision about Miami Jacobs!!
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    i am a student at miami jacobs, 3rd quarter. i would consider another college if i were you. tuition is in excess of $20,000. in my opinion the quality of instructors (poor), curriculum (poor) and clinicals (poor). i realized this shortly after i began, but i could not wait for an opening at another school. i had become unemployed and wanted to complete a lpn program before my unemployment ran out. none of my credits would transfer to another school so i'm stuck. i hope i get enough from the program to pass n-clex, i am pulling straight a's but i have a feeling i will need more than that. the school does use ati which i feel will help me get through the n-clex. here's an example of how one of my classes went:
    nutrition 1.75 hours 1 day a week:
    week 1 - instructor went over expectations for the quarter.
    week 2- no class the instructor forgot we had a class.
    week 3-watched super size me.
    week 4- watched the 2nd part of super size me. instructor handed out a cross word puzzle.
    week 5- instructor collected the cross word puzzle, skimmed over a few chapters, handed out another cross word puzzle.
    week 6- changed instructors we sat like 3rd graders, each reading a paragraph form a chapter, collected crossword puzzle. assigned a case study.
    week 7- sat like 3rd graders, again reading a paragraph from a chapter. instructor walked by to see if we did our homework, assigned another case study, told us what the final would cover.
    week 8- took an ati assement.
    week 9- took final
    this class cost me over a thousand dollars. i learned nothing new, but got an a. the clinicals have all been at nursing homes, i think we will get 1 day at an ob office, a peds office, and i'm not sure what they will do for the mrdd rotation. as far as iv therapy we have to have 1 successful stick, and that can be in a dummy arm. but that combined with the class you take is enough to get your iv certification.
    please think long and hard before starting their program, they are all about the money!!!!!
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    I attended MVCTC as well and definitely recommend it. I graduated last August and IV therapy was included in my program. Did they say they dropped it out of the program, or is it still included but with a separate fee? It was included in my tuition. But even if it's not it's probably about $400 - $500 dollars I'm guessing. That still isn't much added when you're comparing $20,000 tuition to $11,000. What's another $500... NCLEX testing fees were not included. I forget exactly how much it cost me to take NCLEX and apply for my license... a couple hundred I think. Uniforms/medical kit was an additional $280 I think. It's an excellent program, I highly recommend it. And it's not a for-profit school. It's the adult division of a county career center. My classes were at the VA. This was convenient for IV therapy, as we did it at the VA in the GI lab on the pts. who were coming in for scopes. We had clinicals at nursing homes and the VA in Med Surg and Telemetry and we went to Southview for maternal newborn. I got to help deliver a baby and also watch a C-section. We went to several other places as well.

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