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Hi all! I'm an STNA in NE Ohio looking into applying to LPN school in the Cleveland area. I'm looking at Central School of Practical Nursing, Marymount School of Practical Nursing, ATS Institute,... Read More

  1. by   sedmaiden
    What I was told was that it was a 2 year waiting list after completing the entrance requirements. I understand the travel issue that you are talking about. I am going to have a similar issue myself. I am trying to decide whether to move closer to Tri-C or not. I am no longer fond of this town, but I am not sure that we will be able to afford any where else to live. Like I said I have a 2 yr old and I am about 6 months pregnant right now. I tried to do all the pre-req work through LCCC, but it's just not the school that I want to attend any longer. It always seemed to me that noone knew anything about the procedures and rules of the school. I think for my benefit, it would be better to go to Tri-C. My opinion doesn't neccessarily count if you can't afford the commute or just don't want the commute. It's very understandable to want to spend more time with your kids, but there is that pesky wait list! I think that Tri-C does accept the high-school chem, not positive though. I will check while I am sitting here. Did you want to do the LPN or RN program? I know you said you were almost finished with the pre-req's for the LPN program, but is that what you want to pursue?
  2. by   jennylouwho
    I'm done with pre-reqs for the RN (ADN) program and am just working on some more of the core classes. And thanks.
  3. by   sedmaiden
    I didn't find out anything about the high school chem. The website doesn't say. If you want to contact them you can always go on the website for Tri-C and get help from their online chat service. There are a lot of friendly helpful people that can give you the information! That is another reason that I like that school. I can't always find time to get up to the schools for a quick question due to the kids, but I can always find a moment to get a chat session in some where! If you would like I can give you the link for the nursing packet for the RN program. It has some good information available. The only thing about Tri-C that I didn't expect is the entrance exam that you have to take. Here's the link
    Hopefully that posts. Oh and go back over the other posts on this thread, because I was just talking with someone earlier about the requirements. foreverLaur was able to give me some very important info on the process with Tri-C, it should be on page 5 of this thread. Anything else I can help with, let me know!
  4. by   foreverLaur
    Quote from jennylouwho
    I don't have Chemistry though, as LCCC took my high school chemistry as the pre-req. Does Tri-C do that? Other than Chem, I could apply for the fall program.

    As for the wait times in the offices, yes, they are always long. My husband was there today and only had to wait 20 minutes, it was like a record!
    The only chemistry you need at Tri-C is a 100 level biological chemistry class. I doubt you received that in high school. The class doesn't have any prerequisites.

    Most schools don't let you apply and be on the waitlist until you have met all the prerequisites. I know at Columbus State you can't apply until all grades are posted for the prerequisites, application periods are only twice a year, and they have a 2+ year waiting list.

    Me personally, I already have all the general education requirements done, plus gen chem, ochem/biochem, anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, microbiology, pharmacology, nutrition, and health care ethics. I need an ADN program I can start ASAP because I'm out of courses to take.
  5. by   jennylouwho
    Yeah, even if I took that in spring an rearranged my schedule it sounds like I wouldn't be able to apply until after grades post, so probably not for fall schedule anyways? Seems like I'd have to wait until spring which is what I'm hoping for with LCCC anyways (and what I've been told by the academic adviser).

    As for the Chem, LCCC does not require Chemistry if you've taken it in high school with a C or better. Seemed strange to me, but it's right there in all the literature.

    Sounds like you've gotten everything out of the way, foreverlaur! I've got A&P2, Micro, stats, Eng 162 and Lifetime Development left to take. I'll be all finished with all my gen eds and all of the core classes done this summer. Which is why I'm hoping to start in the spring! I hope you're able to get into Tri-C for fall!
  6. by   sedmaiden
    jennylouwho, I wish you the best of luck with going to LCCC. I also wish you the best of luck with being accepted into the program as soon as possible!! I hope that you are able to attend sooner rather than later. Let me know how things turn out for you. I would love to know how much longer you end up having to wait. Keep in touch and let me know how you like their program and teachers.
  7. by   megan1266
    I just visisted CSPN today and am thinking about applying,any input,I have 80 credits toward a pyschology degree,should I finish that or go for the lpn??
    Thanks for any and all feedback!!
  8. by   DaneluvinLPN
    Quote from luvnursing23
    I myself graduated from central in april 2006, class #147. This school is the only school I recommend to people. It is a small school and you get to know the instructors very well. Also it is hard, which is the way you want it that way you remember what you were taught! I will never forget my pharm. teacher ( I dont think anyone will) Amazing school. I wish they had an RN program too, I would of applied in a heartbeat. If you have any questions about the school just ask!!
    As a Central Grad myself I CHERISH the education I recieved from Central. I agree I would quit work TOMORROW and enroll if they had an RN program. !!!!
  9. by   DaneluvinLPN
    Quote from dymondindaruff01
    Central is a very prejudice school whose classes do not I repeat do not transfer over on to a RN program. My aunt is a graduate and she wants to become a RN, only most of her classes will not transfer over. I tried that school and I am a very intelligent black woman with a great work history and I was not accepted or treated well during the application process. When I called in i was very articulate and the lady (white) was very nasty to me. Some people, including people on this website are still prejudice. Out of the many black people wasting away there are still people like myself who want to do better but are not given a chance.
    I am a Central Grad and I'm sorry to say you are completely WRONG !!!! There were more black women and men in my class than whites. I know people with bachelor degrees that did not get into Centralso I don't think it had anything to do with color. You just didn't get in. Also are you sure when you called you spoke to a black women because their are 2 main receptionists and one is black. So before you assume it's them you may want to step back and re-evealuate things.
  10. by   Hardy6
    I have to add that one of my relatives attends Central and she would not have gone anywhere else. She is very happy with the education she is receiving and has not had any prejudices shown to her or heard any complaints.
    She works in the medical field and says that people desire to work with Central nurses because of their training.
    She herself notices a difference in Central nurses.