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Hi all! I'm an STNA in NE Ohio looking into applying to LPN school in the Cleveland area. I'm looking at Central School of Practical Nursing, Marymount School of Practical Nursing, ATS Institute, and Tri-C (though Tri-C doesn't... Read More

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    Quote from dymondindaruff01
    Central is a very prejudice school whose classes do not I repeat do not transfer over on to a RN program. My aunt is a graduate and she wants to become a RN, only most of her classes will not transfer over. I tried that school and I am a very intelligent black woman with a great work history and I was not accepted or treated well during the application process. When I called in i was very articulate and the lady (white) was very nasty to me. Some people, including people on this website are still prejudice. Out of the many black people wasting away there are still people like myself who want to do better but are not given a chance.
    I am a Central Grad and I'm sorry to say you are completely WRONG !!!! There were more black women and men in my class than whites. I know people with bachelor degrees that did not get into Centralso I don't think it had anything to do with color. You just didn't get in. Also are you sure when you called you spoke to a black women because their are 2 main receptionists and one is black. So before you assume it's them you may want to step back and re-evealuate things.

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    I have to add that one of my relatives attends Central and she would not have gone anywhere else. She is very happy with the education she is receiving and has not had any prejudices shown to her or heard any complaints.
    She works in the medical field and says that people desire to work with Central nurses because of their training.
    She herself notices a difference in Central nurses.

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