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i am trying to decide which way to go. i have all prerequisites completed for a rn program. i was communicating with rue and college network who both use excelsior in ny for rn credits. i called excelsior directly and found out... Read More

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    In regards to SCC's program, it appears that you have recieved incorrect information. We have two class days that consist of an 1 hr 50 min. We have one assesment day at the clinical site that is 4 hrs then you do your careplan that night. We then have two pt care days that 7 hrs long. Also there are MANY of us that have families AND (or) jobs and do quite well. I would not let the misinformation that you have received keep you from inquiring about an awesome program.....

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    currently a LPN in state of Ohio and looking into starting at excelsior online courses. I was checking out alot of programs in the cleveland area but alot of driving time, and i have a family which means I need to work! I feel like I have gotten good info by reading threads, but a couple questions if someone could help me. I have just LPN course, no other college credits. Do I take Micro, english and A&P through excelsior directly? I was going to take the classes through our community college but unfortunatly they want you to take a certain BIO class before going into A&P, and the same with Micro. Can anyone help me?
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    Hi Ahill,

    I would suggest trying to get ahold of excelsior's curriculum and costs, and then matching it up with your comm colleges classes and costs (as well as comparing their crhrs). Hopefully that would help you decide what route is best. You could also check into other comm colleges that offer classes online. I know Lewis & Clark comm college allows you to take classes online (it's in IL and I am looking into it for myself since I maybe moving to chicago). Also Cinci State you could, and I think there is one in colorado like ccc I saw something about it on another distance learning thread. I keep considering Excelsior for when I finish my LPN just trying to do all the research I can while I am in the lpn program. Good luck!
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    Quote from SShannon81
    You will not finish your program with Rue in 3 months,,,,,,even if you have the prereq's done. You are paying money for your books on top of having to pay to take the exam.
    COLLEGE NET WORK-You are actually doing excelsiors program but you dont find that out until you have signed up for that contract. I was able to slip out of most of my contract with CollegeNet due to a technicality but they still got alot of my money
    Also note that Excelsiors pass rate is actually 62%, not the 85%( which is low to begin with) they were boasting.I also couldnt get ahold of my advisor for 2 months when I started with excelsior. In the end they each got about $2000 from me and I decided that I needed to research better.
    I will say that Rue is a knock off of excelsior though( and they are both bad)
    I did the Univ of Rio Grande in Ohio. Check out their website. www.rio.edu
    Best choice I ever made. I commuted once every other week for clinicals(12 hours), which were mainly in Chilicothe( 4 out of 5 semesters) with one in Galipolis for mental health(6 hours). If you have questions then please feel free to message me

    I need major help. I am one year into my RN program at my local community college. Landed a great job at our trauma center as a PCT while I finished my second year to graduate in May 2012. Well, my ex-husband passed out drunk while watching our children last weekend, my second week of my brand new job, and now I have no childcare for the weekends, which is all I can work because my RN program is Tues-Friday, and was going to work Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at the hospital. Now, I have to quit the job because I cannot work on the weekends and cannot even do the 12-hour shift on Mondays (unless my mom helps, but she cannot do the weekends), so just now, a week-and-a-half before I go into my 3rd semester I am thinking I might need to go through an online RN program, which it appears I can do through Excelsior because I am a year in, and then I can keep my job, as I have no other income, no child support (yeah, he's a real scumbag; substance abuse and addiction ruined our marriage). Are there any programs where I can finish my RN online?! I am freaking out, just cannot survive any longer on school loans, been trying to do it, have done it for 3 years, but my family was in a position to lend $ and then I paid it back when I got my grants/loans, but now, with the economy the way it is I have no more help. The only thing at this point I can think of is finding a program online and my hospital is a teaching hospital and they are really great, so I think I can get a preceptor with no problem, but can I just get a preceptor or does the school have to tell me where to go.....Excelsior is the only one I have heard of. Anyone, please, please lead me in the right direction. I also have all my gen ed/foreign language prereqs done for my BSN; I really was rolling along and everything was working as planned until now. I cannot leave my children with their dad on the weekends, so now I have no job unless I can find NLN/NLNAC school to finish my RN and/or RN/BSN. I am not an LPN/LVN, but I know Excelsior takes you with one year done, but are there any other schools??!! I think I checked Excelsior out a while ago and they don't work with my state? I am in Florida. Anybody, please give me any info at all. And I'm searching too today, but I have lots of appts this week, getting all done before school starts in a week and a half, but I am doing my best to find something asap.

    I have my first year of ADN program and all prereqs done for BSN too; is there an online program out there that can get me to my RN and/or BSN from this point on?

    Any help/info is SO MUCH APPRECIATED! My kids come first, but it's killing me because I have 3 years in of school, one more year to go til I finish my RN and was ready to apply to my school's BSN program in January, but I have no income if I don't work, and school loans, et cetera, just are not enough.

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    Hi studentinnursing! I am so sorry to hear about your troubles! Although I completely understand them. I also had to switch from nursing altogether to accounting for the same reason (moved away from family and therefore moneywise can't afford childcare). So I am doing a major I can do online then hoping to go back to nursing when my son is older.

    Anyways, to answer your question there are a few other online programs. I will post the links, check them all out (including excelsior) to see which works best for you. Don't pay much mind to what other people say about each program- because everyone is different as are their situations. You don't want to rush into anything and then regret it. So read about each one and call and see how they will work for you. Also start asking about preceptorship before you make your ultimate decision (as I here for many people this is the hardest part). So if you have one lined up you are really lucky!! Ok here they are:



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    Well I am only a year late, but I liked the different of opinions. For me the institution must be either state owned or non-profit, and the name of the institution matters. It needs to be recognized by the Nursing Education commission, forgetting what its called at the moment.

    So researching I have decided to just get my LPN for now, and decide what accelerated BSN would be best for me. For now it just makes sense to become an LPN, and then get my RN later (weather that be by ADN or BSN). By that time too my husband will be out of school and working, so two incomes sure are better then the one income we are trying to get at the moment.

    However I did like University of Texas Arlington online RN to BSN program, and will consider that in the future if the rates are still good. Or I will do the Pre-licensure BSN by Western Governors University. But I have to move so I can be close to a clinical site, because they only do that in 5 states right now (Texas, California, Utah are the three I can remember). Who knows though, it may change in the next 2 years and expand. But those are the two programs I have at the top of my list as far as online goes.
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    I know this is a couple of years after your post, but I have a question for you. I signed up to do the The College Network about 3 years ago and I also did not complete it. I realized after I started that self paced was not the right chioce for me. I still have a couple of years before my loan is paid off. How were you able to get a refund?
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    Has anyone heard anything about indiana state university. Im really trying to get into a program as soon as possible, but everything in my area has a wait list. Also I havent taken a math class in over 12 years so Im having difficulty placing into the program here in my area.. any suggestions?
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    I just got my LPN & Im looking for an accredited online program to get my RN & still be able to work full time any suggestions, & I dont want to the excelsior program because I have heard to many bad things about the clinical weekend that u do at the end of the program

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