Loan Repayment... does this exist anymore??

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    When I first decided to go to nursing school (3-4 yrs ago) everyone told me oh your employer will pay back your loans or pay for your school. I actually knew a couple of RN's that had their tuitions paid in full for signing a contract to work somewhere X amount of yrs. Does this even happen anymore? I am a LPN and do not expect to be hired at a hospital as an LPN but I am going straight to get my RN and was wondering if I will be stuck with massive loans to pay off once I finish. What about IN or KY? Anything that would offer any assistance at all? Thanks so much!

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    I know that there are hospital diploma based RN programs that still do this. But I dont think that many colleges and universities do it anymore
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    Both Cleveland Clinic and UH will help you pay for school in exchange for a 2 year commitment - I think they give you $5,000 for every 1 year of commitment up to a $10,000 maximum.

    Both hospitals will also help you pay for school if you already work there and want to continue your education. OhioHealth does this as well.
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    this is stupid but what is UH?
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    Quote from NurseHopefulInOH
    this is stupid but what is UH?
    University Hospitals
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    Here's some information about loan repayment. I just received an updated email regarding the deadline for the application. Check out the website.

    I hope this can help someone! There is information regarding requirements and links for the application as well.
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