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  1. Hello. If someone out there could please give me some insight on Lakeland Community College's Access program. I am an LPN who has completed all prerequisites for the Access program LPN to RN. I can't seem to get an answer of when I will be accepted into the program. I apllied last August. One year ago and completed my final required course in June. 5 week A and P 2. Boy that was fun. Gotta an A though!! Any info would be sooo appreciated. I feel like it's a big secret. However my key contact has been extremely nice she just can give me a specific time frame. Looks like I am out for August since it's starting next week so I am focused on January. I just don't want to waist time but am really commited to Lakeland as they have a great ADN program that transfers to a BSN. Any insight/info. would be helpful. Thanks!!
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    Which state are you talking about as this may be better in the state's nursing program discussion forum?
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    Lakeland Community College is located in Kirtland, Ohio.
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    Will move this to the Ohio nursing program discussion forum