Kent state university hospital cohort - page 2

Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of this program or is anyone else going to be applying?... Read More

  1. by   javaRx
    I would love to know if anyone gets an email/call for an interview. I keep checking and I'm driving myself crazy!
  2. by   nk2011
    Java i just checked ... I got an invite for the interviews they are slated for friday June 14th from 8-4 pm
  3. by   javaRx
    Me too thank goodness! Which cohort(s) did you apply to?
  4. by   nk2011
    Java just the UH cohort due to working part time during the week to pay for the program
  5. by   javaRx
    If anyone could tell me if they get an acceptance email that would be great. Would like to know as soon as possible whether I made it or not!
  6. by   nk2011
    just got my UH acceptance at about 5 o clock pm
  7. by   javaRx
    Me too!! Congratulations! And thanks for responding- I've thought of nothing else today wondering if I made it! Anyone else out there get an acceptance letter?
  8. by   andreead
    Hi are you in the UH program? How do you like it? I am applying to that school soon.