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Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of this program or is anyone else going to be applying?... Read More

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    I can actually answer the question about admission. This program admits people every other year only in the fall. I think they do it this way because the accelerated bsn is every other year on the opposite year of the uh cohort. I think this allows alternative programs to start each fall without overwhelming the teachers for the alternative programs.
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    I will be applying to the uh cohort starting this fall. Trying to get a feel for how my application will look compared to others. I have. 3.3 cumulative gpa, 4.0 in both sciences and prerequisites, A's in all the extra classes that you can take early ( I took all of them). I think I have a strong personal statement, but experience falls short with a few job shadows. :0/ what do all of your applications look like if you don't mind sharing?
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    I work as a nuclear medicine tech and as an mri assistant. I will have all the pre reqs done and all the blue classes you can take early. I have a 3.3 cumulative.
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    I would love to know if anyone gets an email/call for an interview. I keep checking and I'm driving myself crazy!
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    Java i just checked ... I got an invite for the interviews they are slated for friday June 14th from 8-4 pm
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    Me too thank goodness! Which cohort(s) did you apply to?
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    Java just the UH cohort due to working part time during the week to pay for the program
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    If anyone could tell me if they get an acceptance email that would be great. Would like to know as soon as possible whether I made it or not!
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    just got my UH acceptance at about 5 o clock pm
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    Me too!! Congratulations! And thanks for responding- I've thought of nothing else today wondering if I made it! Anyone else out there get an acceptance letter?

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