Job Availability in Cincinnati for Experienced RN - Took 1 Year Break Job Availability in Cincinnati for Experienced RN - Took 1 Year Break | allnurses

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Job Availability in Cincinnati for Experienced RN - Took 1 Year Break

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    It has been awhile since I have posted on here. Anyways, I am a RN with approx 19 years experience with a BSN and a masters in business. The last 5 years have been in two different management roles working 60 - 70 hours a week in the last role to the point of burn out practically. Then, my parents (both - but not at the same time) became ill and being the closest living relative, I felt that it would be best to make sure they were cared for. So, I took a year off from working to help them. Parents are now doing "ok" and we are now renovating their home to make more ADA compatible. This extensive remodel should be complete in the next two months or so. (I hope).

    Anyways, we are looking at relocating to the Cincinnati, Ohio area and I just want to be a nurse. Most of my clinical background as a RN is in Emergency and Trauma. I would love to go back to this type of bedside nursing again, just need to know what the hiring reality is in this locale. The last time I worked in this capacity was 5 years ago.

    Would any of you out there be able to provide any information in regards to this area of Ohio hiring? Would really appreciate your insights.

    Thanks again,
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    there are a ton of jobs through the local hospitals in cincinnati, west chester and dayton. Youll have no issue getting employment with your experience
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    Thanks Shannon,

    That is great news. I am not sure where West Chester is, but I will check it out.

    Thanks so much,
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    West Chester is a suburb about halfway between Cinti and Dayton. Nice area. Convenient to pretty much anything.

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