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ICU new grad positions at Cleveland Clinic-main campus

  1. 0 Hey everyone!

    I am a BSN student graduating from Case in December. I am interested in working on one of the cardio-thoracic ICU's at CCF main campus. Can anyone offer me any advice on how to get my foot in the door? Is it common for new grads to be hired in critical care?
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    Do you have any connections at the hospital from your clinicals? That is how most new grads land hard to find new grad positions.
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    Girlfriend, I hope you requested that for your preceptorship. That is mother of all "foot in the door" opportunities, if you will. And being able to request such a specific floor is one of the biggest advantages of our school. Let me know if you need more help with anything.
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    I just received my assignment on J 6-6. Hopefully my precepting will go well and there will be openings on the floor once I start reaching graduation.

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