i got in again at the christ college of nursing 2yr in a row - page 2

hi, i have a few troubles i need help with. this is my 2nd year in a row that i got into the christ college of nursing...they still have no financial aid and their program is very pricy over 20,000... Read More

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    Hello All
    How long is UC's BSN in Nursing program? When I looked at their curriculum, it looks so long - 4 years...Are they flexible enough to offer classes year-round? Just wanted to check before I actually make the trip there...I have send them an e-mail request for more info but have not heard back from them yet.

    Thank you

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    The program is 1 full time year of pre nursing pre reqs, then 3 full time years of nursing couse work. It is not year round, there are breaks between quarters. Classes have to be taken as outlined so there is no chance of accelerating your graduation.
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    Thanks. I ma already accepeted in Wright State's BSN program - it is year round and I should be out in 2 yrs and 1 semester.

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