How hard is it to get a PCA job in Columbus?

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    I'm new here. I am starting to take my pre-reqs for the Columbus State ADN online program spring quarter. I am scheduled to take the Nurses aide training class and was wondering how hard it is to get a PCA job at a local hospital once I finish the class. I had a friend a few years back that got a job immediately after taking the class at Mt. Carmel East but I am just wondering if in this economy it is even possible. I would ask her about her experience but I am no longer in touch.
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    Oh come on, there has to be someone in Columbus that gets on here that is a PCA, or am I wrong? Anyone?
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    Hi ... I have heard mixed things. You may want to apply at all of the hospitals ... I am a PCA with OhioHealth, and I actually got a PCA job that was made for nursing students (good flexibility and not too many hours). I don't think those jobs are available at OhioHealth right now, but they may come open again. Good luck!
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    Check out the Ohio Health website for a list of postings for all their hospitals. I have been with Ohio Health for a little over a year and think it is a great company to work for. Good Luck in your job search.
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    Thank you diannab1. I do have a question, did you apply through the website? I have heard on this board that it is hard to get on at OhioHealth through the website.
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    All applications go through the website; the same site for all the hospitals. In all honesty, I only applied 1 time and received a response within a couple weeks. I was applying for a nursing position but the PSAs I work with had the same process. Your best bet is 'just do it'. Apply online, what can it hurt? There is always a need for good PSAs! Good luck!
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    Hi, With the economy being bad there is some hiring freezes within some hospital systems. I work for Mt.Carmel and they are hiring for PCA'S you may want to look at there website.
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    Thank you jacqui2010, I will go check out the website. Are you working as a PCA right now, and if you are, how do you like it? I am just curious because I have never worked in the medical field before.
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    Try OSU Medical Center or Columbus Children's. They seem to always be hiring PCA's.

    I worked for OSU several years ago before nursing school. Great benefits and pretty good working conditions. Worth a try!
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    Hi, Yes I work for them now, and I use to work for ohiohealth. I'm an MST which is a muliti- skilled tech. The difference between the two is the PCA's do not do any blood draws and ekg's. I like it, I have a extensive medical background so the more experience the better since I'm going to start nursing school soon.