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hondros college in columbus oh

  1. 0 Hi everyone,
    Iam going to be starting the nursing program in Janunary 2009 at Hondros College in Columbus. Does anyone attend this school? I could use all the info I can get!!!
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    Hey c-bus...would you like to share your experience at the school? how do you find the classes and faculty? I am looking in to joining the school seriously.
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    Hey there! I'll be starting in April. Was wondering how it's going for you so far. Any pointers or info to pass along? Hope it's going well for you.
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    I am just ending my first term and I am really enjoying it. I like the fact that it is a small school and you get to know all of your classmates. The faculty has also been great. As for pointers, just take it easy now because it is really hard and it moves pretty fast. It is a full time job but it will all be worth it in the end!!!! If you have any questions let me know.
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    Hey everyone..I am going to take my HESI for the fall class. Does anyone have any pointers?
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    Anyone know when and how we can take the STNA test? Is it after we complete clinicals or after we receive our final grades?
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    hi colemank02,
    I am a 3rd term student at Hondros Columbus. You will like this school alot, instructors are great and make learning quite fun. As far as the HESI just buy the study guide book and really practice the problems. If I rememer correctly, its a 4 parter. If its been awhile since you have had a math class, make sure you practice the problems. Its amazing what you forget after you have been out of school. Good luck and I hope you excel!
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    I'll be starting in January, I'm very excited... can't wait to start.

    As for the HESI, I second Sadiesadie... just get the study guide, study it, and try to relax.
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    Hey, cbus and sadie, how do you like the school so far? is everything going smoothly for you guys? i just got accepted at hondros and wanted to know if i'd b able to pursue my bsn after. I'm from out of state, could you give me some information as to how transferring credits would work, or if they even can transfer them. Thank youu