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I live in Ohio and I am looking for dates for Mark Klimek's NCLEX review class. I have heard he is AWESOME and really want to take his seminar, but I missed the date he was in my city. I am now... Read More

  1. by   JayBe
    His website is
  2. by   ggetz
    I am also interested in mark kilmek's review i left my info. on his recorder no word back yet I am going to try to get the review in cincy. in sept. any word on how they contact you. i guess i have to send in the reistration money first?? anyone know
  3. by   Shuggypie
    I did Mark's review in June at OSU. I emailed him, give him a couple of days, he will respond. I took the NCLEX in July and passed with 75 questions, I can't say it was directly due to his review. You will learn some info that will help in the real world, though.
  4. by   ggetz
    ok great thanks. I sent in my registration money, does he send you info. on where the class is held all i know is that it is in cincinnati.

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