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I live in Ohio and I am looking for dates for Mark Klimek's NCLEX review class. I have heard he is AWESOME and really want to take his seminar, but I missed the date he was in my city. I am now trying to find out where else he... Read More

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    26,27,28 Friday ,Saturday and Sunday
    Cincinnati Ohio
    $40 to register $285 total worth every penny to help you pass state boards
    more info goggle this

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    I took Mark's class this past weekend in Columbus. I did well in my nursing program and am a good test-taker, but wanted the added confidence (and motivation to study) that a review class could provide. Also, nurses that I met during my clinical rotations highly recommended him to help pass the NCLEX.

    My expectations were far surpassed. This course is worth the money. He reviews all areas and gives you easy ways to remember important details. He teaches you test taking strategies throughout. His background includes being a former NCLEX question writer, so he knows what the NCSBN expects. I am prepared to answer questions that I was completely unprepared to answer on Friday afternoon. And best of all, I have the confidence that when I sit down to take the NCLEX next Monday, I will have done everything I could possibly have done to be successful.

    I highly recommend his course. In fact, if you attend the course and want a refresher later, he lets you sit in at no extra charge.

    Google him to find the dates of his next courses and to register. He updates his page frequently and told our class that he is in negotiations for several reviews during the month of March. I believe he covers the Central to Southern Ohio areas, as well as Northern Kentucky and Western Indiana.

    Good luck!
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    I registered by googling the Mark Klimek Review and it only showed Cincinnati but I received the e-mail about the Columbus class. This is how I found out. Call Holiday Inn or send your registration that is on the Mark Klimek Review website. I don't have a direct number. Hope you can attend I hear this is an awesome review. Good Luck!
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    His website is
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    I am also interested in mark kilmek's review i left my info. on his recorder no word back yet I am going to try to get the review in cincy. in sept. any word on how they contact you. i guess i have to send in the reistration money first?? anyone know
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    I did Mark's review in June at OSU. I emailed him, give him a couple of days, he will respond. I took the NCLEX in July and passed with 75 questions, I can't say it was directly due to his review. You will learn some info that will help in the real world, though.
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    ok great thanks. I sent in my registration money, does he send you info. on where the class is held all i know is that it is in cincinnati.

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