Galen College of Cincinnati

  1. I was wondering if anyone has attended or is currently attending Galen College of Nursing in Cincinnati? Some of my questions are:

    How long does the LPN program take?

    How much does it cost?

    Do you have to take pre req's there?

    Is the cost worth the education?

    Thanks so much for all the input! I will greatly appreciate it!! Samantha*
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  3. by   Heavenly4505
    I could be wrong, but I do not believe that Galen College in Cincinnati has an LPN program. I checked them out quite a while ago, and they only have straight RN program and LPN-RN program. It could have changed in the time it's been since I looked at them, but I know they previously did NOT have an LPN program.
  4. by   10grad
    I'm pretty sure the Cincinnati campus phased out the LPN program shortly after opening. The LPN-RN bridge is still there I believe.

    Tuition is $310 a credit hour.

    Some pre-reqs will transfer, others you are required to take there. It seems kind of hit and miss what they accept.

    No, the cost is not worth the education.

    I just recently graduated and I recommend looking somewhere else. I do not feel that Galen lives up to their own promises and hype and they horribly mismanage the running of their schools, they change conditions of the program with out adequately informing students, etc. It really is not a good school and I regret my choice in going there.
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