Full time employment while attending Hondros nursing program????

  1. Hello,

    Thanks everyone for all of you personal thoughts and direction, it truly is a blessing that you are all so willing to help!!!!

    I am currently searching for a nursing program that I can still work my full time job (Financial Service Industry) while working towards a nursing degree. Is the Hondros program work friendly? It looks like it is a great program.
    I didn't really see a posting that asked that question, nor comments about working while enrolled. I did however see quite a few people quiting their jobs... I wish I had that option.

    If someone is working a full time job, please share!

    Also, does the program require general education credits?
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  3. by   Pongoo
    My wife and I started looking. No program we found is full time employment friendly. So we decided my wife was going to go to University of Cincinnati and start here BSN part time. In 3 years when were more financially secure she will go full time and quit her job or maybe part time till clinicals. The clinical part is a 8:30 to 4:30 and requires a ton of studying, so I read. So pretty much no employment is recommended. After she gets here BSN I may go to Hondoros School for my ADN.That of course if people hire new grads so she can start a job with benefits so I can quit. Only time will tell. Right now there is no nurse shotage, so I read which scares us.
  4. by   foreverLaur
    Columbus State CC has a part-time option available and if you have your gen ed/science stuff done ahead of time, you will only be part time the entire time anyway (6-8 credit hours). I'll be working full time while in the program full time.

    My best friend is full-time in the program while holding a full-time job and being a single mom of two kids (aged 6 and 8) so it is definitely doable.
  5. by   Luanrmoonsky
    I am at Hondros-Columbus, and I can tell you that it is nearly impossible to work and complete this coursework. However, we do have some class mates that are doing it, but they end up falling asleep sitting up in lecture!

    I wouldn't go to Hondros (it is full-time) I would look for a part-time program that wouldn't put too much pressure.

    And yes, you need GEN ED (Intro psyc, Lifespan, English) but they offer them there.

    My first term schedule was this:
    BIO 0830 to 1020, NUR 1030 to 1145, another NUR 1230 to 1520 and Dosage and Calculation 1530 to 1630.
    BIO 0830 to 1020, NUR LAB 1230 to 1420.
    BIO 0830 to 1020, NUR 1030 to 1145.
    Then on Thursday for weeks 1-5 you have a 4-hour lab that starts at 0830. Additionally, in weeks 6-10 they drop that lab and add clinicals on Thursday and Friday.

    Some days are more doable than others, but with projects, study time, reading and everyday responsibilities I would say not to. BIO is hard for many to pass and we have had multiple people that couldn't pass it, dropped out or are going to be repeating it next term.

    There are a few other things that most people won't tell you until after you sign the enrollment agreement and have to start because you can't get in anywhere else with such short notice.
  6. by   foreverLaur
    If you want to work, go to CSCC. You can get everything except nursing done before you start so you are never full-time in the program even though you are considered "full-time." Tons of students work full-time while attending CSCC and they have a part-time plan available too. Plus, the school has a much bette reputation and much lower tuition with better clinicals and job placement.
  7. by   Luanrmoonsky
    I would call and ask how long the wait is. I was at CSCC but it wasn't going anywhere. Last I heard, the wait was two years. However, I have had other students that came from there after me saying it was three now. I am not sure about that one though.

    If that fits, I also think that CSCC would be the best option for a working individual.
  8. by   foreverLaur
    Most everyone that applied January 1, 2010 got in to start September 2010. Everyone applying July 1, 2010 will start either March 2011 or September 2011 depending on how close to 9am they apply. So, not much of a waitlist at CSCC and there are a lot of classes you can take beforehand to keep you occupied. You may wait a little longer to start there, but to me that is worth it since the education is more respected, the clinical sites are much better, and the tuition is much lower.
  9. by   nursepract
    I am a hondros student and would like to ask you about the lab check off, do think its too tough to have only two chances to pass, what is your plan to overcome this step?

    Thank you
  10. by   foreverLaur
    Quote from nursepract
    I am a hondros student and would like to ask you about the lab check off, do think its too tough to have only two chances to pass, what is your plan to overcome this step?

    Thank you
    The CC I'm at gives you once chance to pass or you are out. Be glad you have two!!!

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