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  1. by   foreverLaur
    Quote from achiever
    You can do s many electives as you can fit in, as long as you have the prerecs. I did critical care and the Mexico mission and was planning on trauma elective this quarter, but it was just too much.

    Thanks for the info!! Can you give me some additional info on the Mexico mission? How much did it actually cost? What all expenses did you pay for? Where did you stay? Was lodging up to you as well? What type of work did you do?
  2. by   achiever
    I paid total of $650 which included airfare. We stayed at a church in Mercedes TX, and all of our meals were provided. The church provided showers, laundry facilities, and foam mattresses to sleep.

    We traveled across the boarder daily to Nuevo Progresso MX. We saw almost 500 patients over two days. Sat up the clinic and the pharmacy. Four docs, five CNPs about 12 nursing students, and four pharmacists. I did a lot of triage, assessment and history taking. Worked as the nurse for a CNP, and did some home visits.

    It was really a great experience, if you have the time and the money you should try to go.