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Hey all...I've been searching the forum but can't find a direct answer. For those of you in the online track at Columbus State Community College or those who have recently applied for the online track at CSCC... Is it true... Read More

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    Forever Laura, I think the 343 credits is quarter hours. I have a multimedia degree from columbus state but could never find a job in that field, a computer science degree from Devry and a paralegal certificate from columbus state. I also went to Capital University for my MBA for a while but I didn't send the transcript to columbus state so I have more credit hours out there. I guess it just took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up. I always wanted to apply to the nursing program at cscc but I was always scared of chemistry and biology when I was younger. I was really bad at science in high school so I don't know what happened. I actually didn't think the chemistry and biology I took at columbus state was hard.

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    Agreed. I'm taking Chem 113 now and haven't had a general chem course since 2002, but I find this course more pleasant than expected. Still, it worries me that the influx of 2nd career students are going to get the online track spots with degrees that are 10-20 years old. Not that they don't deserve it. I totally get that the economy sucks and nursing is stable. I just want to know if my 3.4 OSU GPA and 4.0 CSCC GPA will make the cut. Otherwise I need to possibly start looking elsewhere.

    Again, any students in the online track at CSCC or recently accepted want to share their GPAs and/or NET/HESI scores with us? We'd like to know if we have a fighting chance. Thanks!
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    I agree it would be unfair, but I doubt the school really cares. They seem like they are in the business for themselves, not the students.

    That's cool that they let you switch over. Hopefully I can do that.

    My boyfriend is getting transferred and they asked him to rank his preferences. He ranked a different store in Columbus as #1 and a store in Broadview Heights (Cleveland) #2. I guess I'll be going to whatever school he ends up getting placed at!

    I love that CSCC lets you do an elective clinical. I'd probably do critical care or trauma as those are my interest areas. But I think it is beyond stupid that you spend your first clinical in a nursing home when you have to prove you are proficient in basic nurse aide skills before starting. Seems to me there is nothing you would learn there as you'd just be passing meds and doing nurse aide duties - why not do that on a med/surg floor? Tri-C doesn't make you do any nurse aide training before starting and all your clinicals are hospital based, but you don't get any electives...

    I wonder if CSCC would let you do a second or third elective if it fit with your schedule and didn't interfere with anything? Like 5th, 6th, and 7th quarters I'll only have one nursing class for 6 or 8 credit hours - I'd love to add in another elective to expand and increase my knowledge. The electives are only 2-3 credit hours... I have to be full time during the program anyway (health insurance) so I would rather add in more nursing knowledge than random crap classes that won't get me anywhere!! Anyone know if they let you do that?

    In addition to having all the sciences done by that point, I'll have all my general ed done from my previous degree (psychology) plus I have taken sociology, anthropology, healthcare ethics, a separate pharmacology class, medical terminology, and nutrition.
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    CSCC Hesi A2 Info:

    Looks like they require the A&P sections...
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    I want to do the trauma nursing and the neonatel care class as electives. I wonder if they let you do an extra one if you want too.
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    You can do s many electives as you can fit in, as long as you have the prerecs. I did critical care and the Mexico mission and was planning on trauma elective this quarter, but it was just too much.

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    Quote from achiever
    You can do s many electives as you can fit in, as long as you have the prerecs. I did critical care and the Mexico mission and was planning on trauma elective this quarter, but it was just too much.

    Thanks for the info!! Can you give me some additional info on the Mexico mission? How much did it actually cost? What all expenses did you pay for? Where did you stay? Was lodging up to you as well? What type of work did you do?
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    I paid total of $650 which included airfare. We stayed at a church in Mercedes TX, and all of our meals were provided. The church provided showers, laundry facilities, and foam mattresses to sleep.

    We traveled across the boarder daily to Nuevo Progresso MX. We saw almost 500 patients over two days. Sat up the clinic and the pharmacy. Four docs, five CNPs about 12 nursing students, and four pharmacists. I did a lot of triage, assessment and history taking. Worked as the nurse for a CNP, and did some home visits.

    It was really a great experience, if you have the time and the money you should try to go.

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