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Hi Friends, So I'm starting on this journey of nursing school at Columbus State (hopefully) - I need to get all my pre-requisites in order before applying, but I hope to apply for Spring '12 (seeing as how I did not get on... Read More

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    PSYCH 240 is really easy. I took the equivalent at OSU for my psych degree so if you want throw in an extra easier class, I'd recommend it. Plus, I'm sure you can do it entirely online.

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    I agree. Psy240, even at CSCC is very easy. I took the online portion and had zero trouble. If you can transfer a psy100 credit from high school in which would satisfy that pre-req then go for it!

    Bio classes may help you quite a bit. For sure with nursing - with the application for online students it is a big question mark it seems on how they score the applicants.

    Obviously, if you can take Bio 215, that is a gen-ed course. But remember, some classes will not allow you to go backwards in degree of difficulty. So you may not be allowed to take any of the lower level Bio classes once you take the higher level class. Keep that in mind if you are seeking tons of Bio credits. Just check it out first, I may be totally wrong. (for sure Math classes are a one way street)

    It all sounds exciting whatever you decide to take while waiting to apply!
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    Thanks again everybody! I got into NURC 101/102/CHEM113/MULT100/PSY100. I'm still fighting with advisors at CSCC to be able to take BIO100 (none of my high school credits were accepted since it's been more than 4 years since I was there). I'm getting really excited - I've already started reading through all the assignments for MULT100 online!
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    Wow - that will be a very very intense quarter for you!!!
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    I know it may be too late for this info to be useful, but if you can get into Bio 100 Web still you might want to do that. Its self paced for the most part. I think there were 4 day windows for quizzes and 2 day windows for exams. It's a nice refresher course, at least it was for me, (it had been 20 yrs since I took biology) and I am finding I need a lot of that information now in Bio 215. We are doing a lot of foundation work relating to DNA and Chem 113 concepts. At least our section is. With only a week and 1/2 in it may not be too late to add the Bio. BTW I loved Mult 101 and took it web. That was completely self-paced and I could finished it in a few weeks if I had wanted to. Good luck this quarter and in applying.

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