Cleveland State vs Kent State Accelerated BSN

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    I am a soon-to-be OSU grad getting my Bachelor's in HDFS (human development family science). I was originally a nursing major, but I was wait-listed then denied acceptance into OSU's nursing program. I'm not ashamed or upset about it because it is a very tough program to get into...I heard that I was one of over 600 applicants the year that I applied. As a result, I've decided to proceed with HDFS and enter an accelerated program.

    However, I am torn between Kent State and CSU...I've heard that they're both great programs and the success rates are equally high. I was wondering if anyone had any input that would help me? I currently have all the requirements met for Kent, but CSU wants me to take a computer literacy and another stats course. What do you all have to say about either or both of these programs???

    Thanks so much!!!

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    I vote Kent State. They have a much better reputation. The facilities are great, the faculty is great, and they seem very well organized.

    Plus, being from the area, avoid living in Cleveland at all costs!! It is cold, snowy, dangerous, and pricey for anything decent.

    I hate the computer competency requirement at CSU too - they wouldn't let me out of it. I've taken 3 semesters of computer science & programming courses, 2 semesters of MIS coursework, and I've taught computer classes at the University level and they still told me I HAD to go back and take a basic computer class. NO THANK YOU!

    Plus, they require you to have a 2.5 from your bachelors degree which irked me too. I have 170 total credit hours with a 3.6 GPA and my last 30 hours is a 4.0 and my prerequisites are a 4.0. However, my bachelor's degree is earned from a school where I only took the bare minimum courses there and ended up with a 2.2 GPA at that school. Obviously my cumulative and prerequisite GPA shows I'm well above what they expect for the program but they said there is no way I could be admitted based on my 30 credit hours at my degree granting institution.

    Kent State is extremely nice, quick to respond, and willing to go above and beyond to work with you to make things work. From my experiences, CSU is not.

    Definitely apply to KSU!!
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    Thank you so much! My gut is telling me to pick Kent also. The only thing with that is, that I'd have to find a place to live because I live much closer to CSU. I know alllll about cleveland and the sucky weather and the even suckier economy! There's a noticeable difference in both weather and economy down here in Columbus, but the nursing shortage isn't as bad here (I've heard) because of all the schools nearby.

    Are you currently enrolled in CSU?

    Thanks so much for responding!
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    I'm currently living in downtown Columbus - I graduated OSU last March. I'm starting at Tri-C into their ADN program this fall largely to save money. It is only $5200 to become a RN there and then I can just get my employer to pay for my RN-BSN program if going to PA school doesn't work out. I'm trying to avoid moving to Cleveland without having a really long commute

    I hate that I have to leave Columbus!! Have you thought about playing to Mt Carmel's accelerated BSN? It has a great reputation and is only 13 months. Capital University also has a program, but it is 20 months.
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    Not all of Cleveland is dangerous or pricey. The east side gets pummeled with snow, the west side, not nearly so much. You could live somewhere like Lakewood and be close to Cleveland, and live in a nice, safe neighborhood. Plus, Cleveland has tons to do (Rock Hall, museums, zoo, Great Lakes Brewery, major sports teams, etc) and we have some great CSAs (City Fresh is awesome) and the metroparks are awesome. Oh, and the lake!

    Now, I'm not saying that CSU is better than Kent or vice versa, I just would hate for someone to choose a college because someone says that Cleveland is unsafe!
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    It is hard to live in Lakewood or somewhere on the West side when your school is on the East side...

    Regardless, KSU has a much better program than CSU and although Cleveland has its ups and downs, Kent is a much safer and cheaper place to live. Cleveland isn't a bad drive, you can set up your clinicals in Cleveland, and KSU even has a program with University Hospitals where you can do your classes and clinicals at UH.
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    A cousin is in her master's at CSU and lives by the airport. It takes her less than 20 minutes to get to CSU. Just saying.

    I'm not originally from Cleveland, but I really love it.
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    Depends on the time of day and the season. In good conditions, it is only 15 minutes to CSU from Lakewood but I've had it take over an hour in the winter during rush hour. When I have to be at class at 8am or clinicals at 7am I don't particularly care for that long of a commute. If I went to CSU, I'd like to live closer to campus/hospitals. But that's just me.
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    I am currently a junior at Kent-main going for my BSN. I know a handful of people who are in the accelerated right now and they have nothing but good things to say about it. The accelerated tends to have about 80% of clinicals at the Clinic-main anyway and if clinicals are 3 or 4x week then you probably wont have to relocate? While The 4 year BSN program lets you pick each semester between (UH,Summa,Clinic (marymount, Hillcrest, main)
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    I am in my first semester of the accelerated program and Kent and it is great! I was torn between CSU and Kent as well but I am so glad I ended up at Kent. Message me if you have any specific questions.
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