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Hi Everyone! I am a mother of three...have a three year old and a set of newborn twins. I have my BA in anthropology and sociology and am debating on either the ADN program at Tri-C or the... Read More

  1. by   AgentBeast
    Quote from lapen98
    Oh! The metro campus FINALLY got all of my transcripts...high school and all. Now, I am just waiting to hear from the dean (left a message this morning) in order to get into the Chem class this fall...I do not want to go in and take a math placement test if I do not have to...

    Well if you took any kind of a Math Class in college you should be good to go.
  2. by   lapen98
    yes, I did...and I just heard that I can now register for the Chem 1010...about time! Thanks!
  3. by   keilie
    I would definitely go for chem 1010 and 1020 if at metro campus I recommend professor Banks,Sr. I took both classes and got A's I don't think anyone got anything less than an A and if they did they didn't do their work. As long as you do your work trust me you will get an A. My friend was absent all semester showed up last week completed all the work that needed to be turned in by the end of the semester and still got an A. Before I realized I wanted to go for my bsn I took biochem bc I thought I wanted to go for an associates instead, I ended up changing my mind and I had to take chem 1010 and 1020 bc CSU doesn't take biochem 1100 so I was kinda upset about that but hey I got two A's and my GPA went up so is all good. you know what can also help go to csu website type in tri-c transfer guide and it will let you know what classes you need for the csu program which you can take at tri-c. That way when you do get in the program you wont have any other classes just the nursing courses. That's what I'm doing right now taking those classes out the way at tri-c so when I do get accepted into the program I will only be working on nursing classes because I would have all my humanities/math/sciences etc... courses out of the way.. good luck