Cleveland Clinic - Physical Capability Assessment

  1. has anyone started at the clinic and undergone the physical capability assessment while pregnant?

    i was reading the guidelines for the assessment and one of them states:
    6. be aware that an acute and/or aggravated injury, symptoms of severe illness, or
    pregnancy may require that the assessment be postponed.7

    i'm debating whether to mention my pregnancy now or wait (i just found out), especially since it says pregnancy <may> require it to be postponed. from watching the video, i'm almost thinking they would be more inclined to postpone for someone who's farther along (i.e. who's belly might limit movement and interfere with the test). i'll definitely ask my doctor before i go for the assessment, just wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation.
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  3. by   somuchluv
    Since you just found out I assume you are in the 8 weeks range? I think you will be fine. I took the test a month after having a lap chole and I passed it. Just go into it with a vengeance. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why someone would pass or fail. Good luck!
  4. by   maria25
    Thanks for your response! I'm actually not even 8 weeks yet - I think I should be fine, but will still double check with my dr. My assessment appointment isn't until next week.

    I've seen some people mention (in other threads) that their hospitals ask your LMP or if you're pregnant on the med history - is this true for the Clinic as well? I'd hate for my manager to see that in my file before I have a chance to tell her personally. FWIW, I plan to tell her soon, just want to wait until after we see a heartbeat. Thanks!
  5. by   wantccu
    I was not asked for LMP when I started at the Clinic in November! And, generally speaking, hospitals are okay with preggos. I got my first hospital job with no experience when I was 7 months pregnant. I was so scared that they wouldn't hire me because of it, and when I told them that they laughed and said that pregnancy isn't a problem and with so many women in the field, there's generally several pregnant staff members at a time. (this proved true - 3 of my co-workers there had babies within a month before/after me!)

    In short, don't worry about it - just be happy for yourself!
  6. by   maria25
    Thanks CCU - that makes me feel a little better! I was actually surprised to see people in other threads mention that their pre-employment physical asked for LMP - I would have never even thought they'd ask that!

    Oh, we are very excited - been trying for years so I won't be apologizing when I tell my manager, but want to inform her early on and be up front about it with her. Funny that while I was shadowing on the unit, one of the night nurses called to say she was in labor that morning - I was told they'd had a bit of a baby boom on the unit lately and they warned me to "stay away from the water". I took a HPT that night and got my first positive, lol.