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I'm just curious- Throughout my time on this site, I've noticed that when threads have specifically asked questions about life at the Clinic, there has been very, little response. One thread,... Read More

  1. by   hellooonurse28
    Hahaha BB is more than likely watching. I would recommend seeking employment outside the clev clinic. There are some very good things about CCF and its campuses (marymount, fairview, lutheran..blah blah..) but most people feel lost in a sea of red tape and whatnot. They do do amazing things, and it can be exciting to be involved in such an organization...but still. I think it is a good idea to check out all your opportunities, not just go with a big name company...I would say more but I don't want BB knocking on my door!!
  2. by   Helper-T
    Recently, in 2012, Cleveland Clinic in West Palm Beach, Florida requires a new applicant to take a "psychological assessment" made up of about 20 statements as you fill out their online application, of which the choices are poorly written, but you have a choice of 2, 3 or 4. No more.

    IF you answer in such a way that you are competent, creative, innovative & will not put up with abuse of SUPERVISORS - you will NOT get hired on.

    If you choose the answers in such a way that indicates you are dull and abused, you will qualify for an interview.

    BEWARE!!! If you want the interview, then you must answer in a way that makes you appear that you will put up with management abuse of all employees - and are dull and non-thinking.

    BEWARE!! This is the honest truth!!