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Hi everyone, Yesterday I applied for the new grad RN residency at Cleveland Clinic, and took the online assessment. I got an email today asking me to schedule a phone interview. I am a new grad, living in Florida. What happens... Read More

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    Pretty straight forward interview. $24.25 is the rate with $1 an hour shift differential. Interview starts off with basic questions to which you just answer yes or no. Do you smoke or do drugs, do you have any felony convictions, ect. They'll ask you your hospital and area preferences and also shift preferences. Then about 5 or 6 tell me a time when type questions. Tell me a time when you went above and beyond for a patient, tell me a time when you had a patient complaint and what you did about it. Just basic behavioral interview type questions.

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    Hi, HeartNursing3, when you say OSU? Do you mean Ohio State University? Because I could have sworn someone else said the same thing regarding free tuition to get your BSN, MSN, and/or DNP. However, they said this "OSU" was in northeast ohio. I just got accepted into Cleveland State University's Accelerated BSN program but I'm looking for ways to fund my education. Thank you!
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    Yes, OSU = Ohio State University. They are in Columbus, OH. I live there and work there. They pay for 10 credit hours per semester with no maximum. They pay tuition and general fees. You only pay the program specific fees so you can get your MSN done for only a couple thousand. Best deal I've ever found.
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    I was interviewed and hired into a SICU at CC before I passed boards, however the offer was contingent on me passing boards. I also was an internal hire as I worked as a PCNA at a CC hospital. You initially have a phone interview with a recruiter which is straight forward and then will have an in person interview with the nurse manager. I had an appointment with the nurse manager within a week of interviewing through the phone. I had an offer within 3 days of interviewing with the nurse manager. Orientations are offered once per month, so depending on when you interview and accept a position can affect when you start orientation. Before orientation starts you have to take a Meti-Dose math test and pass with a 90% and a 4 hour long essay style test called the pbds.
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    Hi Everyone!

    I know this post is old... but I wondered if anyone could share about how long the process might be for someone who had a successful phone interview and is now in the "pool" waiting for a spot in the highly competitive cardio units?? TIA!!
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    So I wanted to update this. The residency pays $18 something for the first 10 weeks and then switches over to the $24 something pay. Your application may show you've been rejected but may still be being considered. It took about a month to hear back after that initial phone interview. You get to go into the unit and shadow and interview but that interview is super relaxed! If offered a position they ask you to not make permanent arrangements to move until you take the physical capability exam thing.
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    Thanks for the update! After my phone interview, I still haven't received a call and it's been 2 months!! I took another offer instead =)

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