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Hi everyone, Yesterday I applied for the new grad RN residency at Cleveland Clinic, and took the online assessment. I got an email today asking me to schedule a phone interview. I am a new grad,... Read More

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    Thanks for the update! After my phone interview, I still haven't received a call and it's been 2 months!! I took another offer instead =)
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    Hey Everyone. I'm a new grad and I'm really interested in the hiring timeline at the CC. I have my Ohio license and applied for new grad positions (and a few non-new grad positions) about two weeks ago. I still haven't heard back. Has anyone else applied around this same time? How long does it usually take to hear from the CC after submitting an application?

    I also applied to Akron General and Children's Hospitals as well as the University Hospital. Any input would be much appreciated.
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    I was hired by CCF last winter. I applied online and within one week I received an email from a recruiter to set up a phone interview. Within that week, I received a call from two different recruiters (one for South Pointe and one from Main Campus) to set up face to face interviews with managers. I had the two interviews Monday and Tuesday of the week, by Friday I received a call from HR to choose which position I wanted. You have to wait until the beginning of the next month for orientation. If you are offered a position, you must take a math test, a computerized NCLEX like exam, an EKG assessment exam, and a physical exam that tests your physical strength. As of June, 2015, the Clinic is now supposed to be offering $26/hr for new grads. The orientation pay of $18 was to be discontinued. A suggestion, unless you want to make a career in LTC, stay clear of nursing/skilled facilities. If that is your passion, go for it. Bedside nursing is not for me. I want to go into community nursing and will be starting as a dialysis RN at the end of the month. Good luck, to you in your career. Nursing can be very tough, but very, very rewarding!
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    I applied for a position 4/27/16, i was told the ng pay rate is 26$ per hour with a 1$ shirt diff and .75 cents raise per year, was called by a recruiter on the 28th, may 3rd I had a face to face with the anm and nurse manager in scrubs and tennis shoes which was recommended by the recruiter....both managers were under 30, which makes me hopeful for advancement at ccf. I was offered the position before I walked out after the 1 hour shadow. I finish school on may 27th, so I was offered the job contingent upon passing the nclex, but you don't have to have a license to apply, they give you 90 days from graduation to pass nclex as well
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