Cleveland Clinic Benefits?

  1. I just recently got hired as an ICU nurse at Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights, a branch of Cleveland Clinic. I am moving from Dayton, OH next week. When I first got the job offer I was under the impression I would be getting relocation assistance because the Cleveland Clinic offers it and they share the same benefits. However, when I asked my nurse recruiter she said they do share the exact same benefits as the Clinic except for the Relocation one (The only one I really need) According to her, the relocation benefit is the only one that varies from branch to branch... and they dont offer it!! Now I dont want to burn any bridges before I start but this sounds kinda shady to me! I really could use that relocation assistance!! I tried calling the main Clinic campus and they just redirected me back to the women I already talked to. Does anyone have any idea about this subject??? I could really use some suggestions. Does this sound off to anyone else?
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  3. by   BittyBabyGrower
    My hubby works there on main campus...he said that it is true that it varies and it is usually only for main campus. He said there may also be a mileage limit on it too, so Dayton may not qualify. He doesn't have his handbook here..did you get one? If so, I'd look in there.