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I'm trying to decide on ADN programs at each and wondered if anyone had any experiences with either. Any info would be appreciated!:bow:... Read More

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    has anyone applied for the crna program with a chamberlain bsn?

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    I originally planned to go to OSU but was really frustrated with the wait-list. I chose COTC because they are a "competitive program" rather than a "wait-list program." In many nursing schools the students who are accepted into the program wait their turn, so to speak until there is a spot for them in the program. However, at COTC every quarter they select the students they feel are the best. I decided I couldn't wait 2+ years to start my life so I decided I'd rather gamble on myself, that I could be chosen in a competitive program.

    Both schools I considered had a really strong nursing reputation which was important to me because need to be able to find a good job when I finish. I'm a mom and while that poor college lifestyle was fun once, it doesn't work as well when I need to provide food and shelter.

    I really love COTC, the classes are hard but the instructors are great. You have clinicals from the beginning so you really know what you are learning and will have a lot of experience. I've learned so much. I'd never imagine how much information I could learn so quickly, but the way it's taught really flows. Let me tell you if you don't pass the first quarter, you are kicked out of the program, and although they let you reapply, it's hard to get accepted twice. However, seeing as it's competitive in the first place, I can't imagine how that would even happen.
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    Anywhere but Chamberlain! I know one person who graduated from the ADN program with great grades and can't get a job and her credits won't transfer to the two RN-BSN programs she looked at. Another co-worker graduated from the Chamberlain BSN and 8 months later is still unemployed and she worked 7 years as a nurse aide before going back to school. Why hire Chamberlain when you have plenty of eager grads from more reputable schools? Save your time and money and spend them... anywhere else.

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