Central School Of Practical Nursing (cleveland)

  1. Anybody have any info / experiences with this school? Considering attending in the fall, and would be VERY interested to hear from anyone with information (particularly alumni or anyone in staffing).

    I have heard almost exclusively positive feedback, but just recently heard some vague negatives from a somewhat shady source, and am now interested in hearing what the rest of the community has to say.

    I'm very excited to be starting school after a long year of making preparations - just want to make sure I'm making the right choice. Thanks!
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  3. by   lpnguy26
    don't do it. Me and my wife took their placement test...passed. We then both paid $100 to guarantee our seats. One month later we both got a letter saying we were denied. They refused to tell us why. I then asked for my Seat guarantee money back, which i paid cash........They said "we'll mail you a check in 2 weeks". I then asked for a copy of my birth certificate and they said " No, we aren't allowed to give back anything in your file". I then asked can I reapply and they said once you are denied accepyance, you can never reapply again. I hate Central school of practical nursing, I now am a RN student at Tri-C due to graduate next year......and its right around the corner, so now i'm happy.
  4. by   RFWB
    That's interesting.

    I've had no probelms with them in these regards. I found all of their policies very clearly stated, and everything has been as it was promised. The fee that I paid after the placement test was not a seat guarantee fee, but actually an APPLICATION fee - with the clear disclaimer that paying that fee DID NOT guarantee acceptance or hold a seat. That is pretty standard at every school I've ecountered. After paying that fee and completing my application, I was accepted. AFTER my acceptance, I paid a seat guarantee fee - again, standard procedure at every college I've ever encountered. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but mine thusfar has been very professional and positive. All the interactions I've had with the staff thusfar have made me MORE excited about attending. I get the impression that they are very no-nonsense and take what they are doing very seriously - which is EXACTLY what I am looking for.

    Is there anyone out there who can offer any input on the caliber of training provided? Anyone who's attened, or worked with/ hired graduates of this program? That's really what I'm interested in - I have already decided to attend in the fall, but I'd still like any input that could be provided.

  5. by   lpnguy26
    yeah, glad your experience went well. I'm assuming you're white. I had a friend graduate there and she said the program is no-nonsense, but they give the minorities a hard time, a very hard time. My older sister applied shortly after me and my wife applied, she too passed the NET exam, paid a seat guarantee fee and was later denied acceptance. My friend who graduated said that she was one of 3 black people in the program and she was the only minority that completed the program. I think me and my wife and sister were denied because we live in the vicinity of the school which is considered a bad neighborhood. Lastly, My sister applied to Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University and was accepted with her 4.3 g.p.a. Case is a very expensive school, but there is no waiting list and a minority is the director of the program. Several students at Central have come to Tri-C to finish and they all never said anything good about the program. I wouldn't refer anyone to that school, but i hope you enjoy yourself. My friend who graduated from CSPN now works for Kaiser and makes $19.50 hr. she's a desk nurse in Pediatrics...sweet.
  6. by   RFWB
    Yes, I am white. However, I also live in that same "bad", minority-heavy neighborhood. I didn't get accepted because I was white. I got accepted because I worked my TAIL off to be competitive.

    I've got to say that I've seen serious students and not-so-serious students in orientation and admissions meetings at Central. The serious students were NOT exclusively white, and the non-serious students were not exclusively minority. The instructors and staff members have been very encouraging of the students who are clearly prepared to succeed in a rigorous program. They've also been very clearly willing to disipline the students that were clearly not taking it seriously (i.e. the young ladies who answered their cellphones in the middle of the admisisons meetings and proceded to talk loudly and RUDELY on said cellphone, the students who talked through the presentations, and the MASS of students who could not follow simple directions).

    I've seen no judgements along racial or ethnic lines, so please, do not make this about race. I've just seen the weeding out of students who could not act appropriately, could not follow directions, and did not take the program seriously. And the staff is VERY clear about their expectations.

    I'm not saying you don't have a legitimate gripe with admissions. But I'm repeating that the school has been very clear and realistic in their expectations, and they've delivered thusfar on all of their promises. The only people I've seen have an issue thusfar (in my admittedly limited experience) are the people who do not follow directions.

    I'm also confused about this "seat guarantee" you keep referring to. Central doesn't ask for or accept a seat guarantee fee until AFTER you've been accepted. I'm unclear as to how you could have been cheated out of this fee if you weren't accepted.
  7. by   Asjaia
    I feel that CSPN is the best PN school in the neighborhood.I have been in attendance since April 2009 and I am proud to say that I am A proud BLACK young woman who will be graduating in April 2010...Yes there are guidelines and rules that you are expected to follow,but if you can't get past that you are definately in the wrong field..I have job offers waitnig on me already and I am not taking boards for another 4 weeks..If you thought about attending I say go for it. But as we all know, everything isn't for everyone. Me myself..I had a wonderful and challenging experience, learned ALOT and would do it again if I had to make that decision.....GOOD LUCK
  8. by   RebeccaGreen
    Is this a hard school to get into?
  9. by   hollyh1075
    Central is not really that hard to get into... You have to pass the NET first... Once you pass that you have to write a short biography, answer a few essay questions, submit the transcripts from EVERY school you have ever attended...from high school beyond...
    I am currently a student there and I absolutely love it!!! Great school and great instructors!
  10. by   Kateoh82
    I am seriously considering applying there. It seems as though its one of the most highly regarded LPN programs in the Cleveland area. I know the NET testing starts in May.. for the Sept. start date.. I visited there last year and it seemed like the instructors were very good.. Any other experiences about the school would be great..
  11. by   needingchange77
    I know this is an older thread, but...I hear from a lot of LPN's that the job market is terrible in Northeast Ohio for LPN's- that the only place hiring is usuallly a nursing home. I considered going the LPN route at Central also, just to get experience in the field and then go for the RN, but now am reconsidering due to the apparent lack of LPN jobs around here?

    Can any LPN grads comment on this? Greatly appreciated....
  12. by   STNA2excel/85
    I want to attend the school as well and heard more positive than negative things about the school. I heard that they are serious about the education that they are implimenting but who doesnt want that. The negative is about all the rejection. If you not serious and they see that then why would waste there time. I understand that completing. I have went to to website and read everything twice to make sure I understood everything. Its all in black and white. I take the test in Jan. cant wait. Figures crossed. So ready for the experience.

    Well wishes to you!! I would also like to hear if you have completed and how was your actual exerience was.
  13. by   E033
    I got accepted into CSPN for Fall '11 and am very excited to start the program. I quit my full time job to go back to school because I was tired of working with unprofessional people, so I am glad to hear CSPN is a NO NONSENSE school. I heard a lot of positive feedback about the school and that the program can be very intense. This isn't a joke, if you aren't willing to take it seriously, don't bother applying.
  14. by   hello_nurse77
    Quote from E033
    I got accepted into CSPN for Fall '11 and am very excited to start the program. I quit my full time job to go back to school because I was tired of working with unprofessional people, so I am glad to hear CSPN is a NO NONSENSE school. I heard a lot of positive feedback about the school and that the program can be very intense. This isn't a joke, if you aren't willing to take it seriously, don't bother applying.

    I am a VERY PROUD graduate of CSPN (April 09), and yes- it is a no nonsense school. It is not an easy program, but they have a great reputation. Only the strong survive there. The instructors are OUTSTANDING and are more than willing to help, but it starts and ends with YOU. You have to want it and put the work in. In 1st level, my class was a total of approx 45 people, and 28 of us graduated- along with 2 other students from the class before ours. It was rough...there were many tears and many panic attacks (at least for me lol), but at the end it was soooooooo worth it! You walk away with a great education and life long friendships. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!