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I got accepted to the accelerated BSN program at Capital University for fall 2011. Anyone else? Looking to meet my future classmates or any advice on what to study before school begins. Thanks!!... Read More

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    Hi Angie, We have to take an APA writing course online over the summer. I didnt know they are going to offer BLS during orientation? Is that included in our tuition? When is the orientation? I have received nothing and I hate being in the dark like this. I also applied for FAFSA...need the money...and havent heard anything yet. Seriously, all this waiting on details and financial means drives me crazy.

    I have gotten some books on to read over the summer. I got a few of the "________....made incredibly easy" books by Springhouse just to get myself oriented with terms. I never had to take medical terminology or pharmacology, so those are foreign to me, but I'm sure others (maybe even yourself) have taken them and are fluent in it. Lisa

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    They didn't discuss the the cost of the BLS certification but I would assume its not included. I just got a job at the hospital so I think I will get a discount on their course or it may even be free so I'm just going to do it this summer. I think its only $50 at Mt. Carmel. Since starting at the hospital I started picking up a lot of terms that I haven't heard before so I think that should help. I def need the aid so I think next week I'm just going to see if I can make an appointment. I hate waiting around too!! I will let you know what the office tells me or if I finally get my packet in the mail
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    Hi Angie, Here's my email address: We should probably talk outside of this blog if we want so that we leave this open for others that get into the program with us. It's u to you, I'd love to hear from you and can't wait to meet you and everyone else. Lisa
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    How did you get a March interview? I went in for in interview mid-April and went on the first day they did them. Maybe they interviewed their top choices first... I don't know. I still haven't received anything in the mail and at this point I don't have much hope. Congrats on getting in yourself and good luck with it.
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    I got an email in March with dates and times to choose from. I also picked the first interview which was on 3-30. Maybe this is just the way they do it. Having weeks worth of interviews. I didnt know they were still interviewing. It explains why I havent gotten my packet in the mail yet, because they are still seating the Fall class. I wouldnt loose hope, you are still in the running. Good luck!!
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    I called after I posted that to see where they were with seating the 2011 class and they said they were in the process of sending out the letters and should be through with it by the end of the day tomorrow (Friday). I'm assuming these are rejection letters though since they apparently let those who were accepted know soon after their interviews. I hope I'm wrong though.
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    You may be wrong on that. I was accepted a few days after my interview. However, I was told that I would not receive my packet of information to begin the program until the entire class is seated. As of today, I have not received anything. They must still be selecting candidates or I would have that information packet. So...there is hope and I do hope you get in!
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    Hello! I am applying to accelerated BSN programs and am in the midst of taking my pre requistites. Had a question I was hoping you guys could answer. I will have all Capital's pre reqs completed this Spring quarter besides Physiology. I will complete that Summer qtr after I complete Anatomy. CSCCs summer quarter ends before the 2013 start date at Capital, but the website said all pre reqs completed by Spring, do you think I should still apply or would this rule me out? I am going to contact the office, but wanted to see if you knew

    Also, what are the hours of a typical day in the program?

    Thanks so much!!
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    Hey rk256103 were you able to get this question answered. I too am curious what you might have found out. I considered applying to Capital, but they require Medical Terminology and no other program I am apply to does. I certainly wouldn't mind taking Med. Term this summer knowing if I was attending Capital, but honestly hate to "waste" a $1,000 on top of the time and the effort to have completed this by end of Spring as the website states.
    Just curious if you found out there are any possible exceptions....
    Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry for the super late response! No, they require ALL pre reqs be done by spring semester before you would begin the program.

    Which ruled me out of possibly starting August of this year

    But I attended their info session today and really enjoyed it! So I plan on applying for the Aug 2014 start date

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