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  1. 0 I am applying to try and become an LPN at Camp Hamwi which is a diabetes camp in Columbus, OH. Does anyone have any info on being a camp nurse? What pay is like, working environment, schedule, etc.? If anyone has any info on this camp in particular would also be appreciated. Thanks! :redpinkhe
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    I have no information on this camp but you might also try doing a site search (use the search feature at the top of each page) or going to the Camp Nursing area, here (also found by clicking on the Specialty tab, above, and clicking on the bottom choice from the drop-down menu, Nursing Specialties).

    Good luck!
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    According to their website, "The Central Ohio Diabetes Association organization has openings available for RNs/LPNs with a background in diabetes care. Duties include, but not limited to performing health/wellness screenings, providing basic diabetes education, and conducting prevention courses in the community. Clinical supervision and applicable insurance provided. Pay based on experience. All positions are PRN, per diem."

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