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Hi, I have recently applied to both Christ Hospital (no waiting list at this time) and Good Sam (Could start in January 2012) if accepted. Can you anyone give their insight on which school provides the better education, overall... Read More

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    I am a PCA, childrens offers tuition reimbursment so I am hoping this will help me find employment and tuition.

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    I have been looking into PCA jobs, but I noticed you need to be a licensed CNA, or a nursing student with one clinical completed. Do you mind me asking how you obtained your position as a PCA?

    Are you also going to work fulltime during school?
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    I got my CNA from Cincinnati State back in the summer of 2009. I was already working at Childrens as a Room Service attendant in the food service department then I just transfered departments. All you need is your CNA or yea if you are in Nursing you need to have completed a clinical.
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    I will be working part time around 30 hours a week if I can.
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    I believe that after you take the first nursing class both @ Christ and Good Sam that you are eligible to take the exam to become a CNA.

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