ATS Institute of technology nursing program

  1. Hi everyone. If you are looking for LPN/RN program in Cleveland OH, do not even think of applying to the ATS Institute of Technology.
    Here are some reasons:
    1. Administration is rude and unresponsive. I've been calling this school for over a month requesting to speak to the owners, and so far got NOTHING.
    2. There are pretty much no good instructors left. They had few, but they all gone.
    3. This school has very bad reputation. When I was in my last semester school lost almost ALL Cleveland Clinic facilities for clinicals. Nurses were laughing when we were telling that we are from ATS. Imagine what reputation this school has.
    4. If you try to transfer your credits to another school, you will find out that they cannot be transferred.
    I can continue much longer, but I think I made my point.
    I am so sick and tired of dealing with this school, that I decided to warn you all before you made wrong move.
    I hope I help you all.
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  3. by   kayboone
    every school has it's issues. I went there and did what i was supposed to studied and basically taught my self and I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions. Theres people that have gone to CSU, Kent etc. that failed there first time. I depends on how much work you are willing to put in as a student to become a nurse. It is the same no matter where you go. I do agree with you on the Administration part though lol. Good luck
  4. by   mimi1982
    I have a question. I just passed the lpn entrance exam. now i have to take the accuplacer test which consists of english and math. Do u know what kinda math is on there and english
  5. by   mredd27
    I'm looking in the lpn to rn program at this school. Does anyone have any new info or opinions about ATS?
  6. by   MSR4
    I went to ats institute of technology took the entrance test paid the $43.00 and past the test stated all the prelimanary went for my physical, took my bsi and fbi which cost me $61.00 and even had to pay $30.00 for the application fee and all this was done within the the time to start the progrm, but i got to financial aid and spoke with yalean who from germany or russian, but anyway she told me i didn't have enough financial aid for the program? I was baffiled, but i explain to her that i was able to attend a university which i was still attending when i went to take the test and i'm glad i did not withdraw from the school, and she(-----) did not even consider to look any further for scholarship or grants, and she wanted me to take out a private loan from Sallie Mae. I did even consider this program after that. They have had a lot of negative remarks, and sometimes GOD does thing for a reason and for this ONE STOP i went to them they were no help I had to be totally unemployed before they could give me any money, and they wanted to send me to a pharmacy tech program, but i'm just want eveyone who is intrested in any program just check it out first, and yes i'm finally in the nursing program at Lorain community college and their program is over seen by a Doctor-MD, and i'm pleased.
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  7. by   mredd27
  8. by   MSR4
    I am still attending Kent and this is my first time taking the test at ATS institute of technology and i passed the first time? I'm not sure how may have taken the test and did not pass is pretty broad statement,but again i passed and they even told me that my scores was off the chart for the science and the nursing comprehension part aswell.
  9. by   malabl91
    If you set your mind on something it does not matter which school you choose.Yes its true ATS had some issues, but new director is making sure that policies are in place and that instructors are doing what are they supposed to be doing.ATS has open door policy as with director as well almost every instructor,which a lots of school don't have,so give or take not bad if you really want to be nurse and learn something,if you go just for the money, ATS or any other school is not right for you!!!