Applicants to Cleveland State University ABSN Program - Start Spring 2013

  1. Hey everybody. I started this post for anyone and everyone applying to CSU's ABSN program. It would be nice to hear from you all.
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  3. by   kayemmejay
    I just graduated from their program (AO16). Best of luck to you.
  4. by   BlueChocolateCat
    I am a junior in the basic program at CSU. Might see you around!

    However, from seeing some of the accelerated students, they are over-worked like crazy. Its pretty insane what they have to go through. But they sure do get it done quickly!
  5. by   Eulzk
    I applied to the Accelerated BSN program and got an interview.I am waiting for my acceptance letter,I want this soo bad.I am almost 40 and do not want to go to school for another 4 years.We were told that letters go out at the beginning od August,today is the fifth-yikes!
  6. by   Eulzk
    How did you like/dislike the program? I know it's extremely intense,but it is over fast! Any feedback is appreciated!
  7. by   kayemmejay
    The program is intense. I did it and worked full time. I would not recommend doing that though lol. For the most part the program does prepare you too pass your boards. The only criticism I have is that the program is a little disorganized as far as the clinical times and scheduling. You will learn the true meaning of being flexible and patient.
  8. by   myamamma
    I just got in and it's 8/13. The letter's are still in the process of getting out. I actually called I was so impatient! Anyone else starting in jan 2013? I AM!!
  9. by   Eulzk
    myamamma I also recieved my acceptance letter the first week in August and am soo excited! Email me @ if you would like to talk!
    kayemmejay,good job! I did hear the program is crazy! I am soo nervous ,excited,and just can't wait to start! ANy info would be appreciated-thanks soo much!
  10. by   kayemmejay
    Feel free to email me at I am more than willing to help future nurses.