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I am so frustrated. I have applied for over 50 jobs - I've had three interviews and no offers. This is so ridiculous. Does anyone know of a hospital hiring new grads?... Read More

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    FarrellGirl, RN, thanks for the information! Of course, like most other new grads I want to work in a hospital, BUT I know that I will more than likely NOT land my dream job right after graduation. Heck I will just be glad to find something, because like you said there are those AWESOME student loans that need to be paid back! LTC is not out of the question for me

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    Have you had any luck?? Most my friends that graduated from reputable programs got into new grad internships/residencies (OSU, Otterbein, Capital, Akron, Kent, CSCC). I personally don't have any nursing friends in Columbus that didn't find a hospital RN job within 6 months.
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    The Cleveland Clinic is hiring new grads. I have some friends who graduated this past May and got hired at The Cleveland Clinic and UH. Metro is very tough at the moment because they are working on cutting 450 jobs ($30 million reduction in their budget). Southwest General Medical Center in Middleburg Heights is hiring. I have some friends who got hired there recently. Summa Health System (in particular Akron City and Barberton) should be hiring, as well, but they look at internal candidates first when hiring potential employees. I think Akron General Medical Center is on another hiring freeze. I know just recently they laid off all of their LPNs
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    OSU is opening a $1.3 billion dollar hospital and will soon be hiring A LOT of nurses. They said right now they are hiring about 40 nurses every 2 weeks.

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