Anyone take Micro at Miami??

  1. I'm taking Microbiology at Miami Middletown (MBI 161) . I got the syllabus today and I'm scared! The professor wrote the book.

    ***ToS--do not post names of professors or school staff***

    The syllabus says that we have to know Algebra or Int. Algebra to do well in the course, and only 93-100% is an 'A'!

    Any thoughts? Encouragement? Am I doomed for failure?
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  3. by   allycat77
    I have not taken the class WITH her, but did take Micro 2 semesters ago, using her textbook. If you have taken your A&P classes already, this will seem like a cakewalk. Really. I was so nervous going into it since Gen Bio was tough, but I found this class really interesting. As far as the math goes, don't worry. It was pretty simple stuff. If you are worried, you can use sites like mathway, purple math (a really great algebra site) and even khan academy. Have fun! It would be neat to take the class with the author!
  4. by   gumbi_12
    Thanks alleycat,

    I took A&P I and I got an 'A' in it. So that makes me feel better. I bought an algebra book from half-price books to refresh my memory about metric conversions, etc.

    She does seem really nice. The university was preventing me from enrolling in the class for some silly admin reason. I emailed her and told her I need it to attend grad school next year. She took care of it and got me in the class.

    I get leery when the instructor has written the book. But she's an RN, PhD, so I can really pick her brain and maybe she will be one of my mentors in the future who knows.

    Thanks for web sites!!
  5. by   OhRN2
    It's not too bad. I think doing the reading actually helps a lot because my class lecture seemed pretty rushed.

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