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Anyone attended Toledo School Of PN or PSI

  1. 0 I just wanted some feedback on the school because I filled out and application for both schools today. Any advice would be helpful.
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    PSI is really a good school but somewhat expensive. TSPN is definately cheaper but is currently on conditional approval from the Ohio State Board of nursing. There are 2 new LPN programs in Toledo you could check out: Athena Career Academy and Statzenberger. Athena has just graduated their 3rd class. Pass rate for the previous class was 100%. They have small classes and it is a year long program. Statzenberger just started the LPN school this past fall and their program is 18 months.
    Good luck.
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    Thanks a bunch Allison
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    thanks for the heads up!
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    How much is Athena?
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    can someone attending atherna provide some feedback.

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