Any recent Collins Career center LPN grads?

  1. Hi All!

    I decided to enroll in an LPN program in Ohio. I live in Michigan but we have a very limited selection of nursing schools here, and most are very difficult to get in to. So now I'm going to finish the LPN and enroll in a bridge program. Seems to be an easier way for me.

    I literally investigated every LPN program in Ohio and came up with a few top picks, based on cost, entrance requirements, etc. I ended up only applying to one because I was accepted almost immediately.

    So I'm scheduled to go to the LPN program at Collins Career Center near Ironton, OH in January. The tuition is only around $6500 and the program is just 13 months. It's sorta in the middle of nowhere I think, but since I can pretty much move anywhere it doesn't really matter. I plan to visit the area in October.

    Anyway....I figured I would post here to see if anyone has attended the LPN program at Collins recently (or not so recently). I did a search here and the school was mentioned in 3 or 4 posts but no real info or reviews.

    So if anyone knows anything about the school, please post your experience and/or knowledge. Thanks in advance!
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