Any Athena Career Academy or Toledo School of Practical Nursing graduates?

  1. If so, how was your experience and would you recommend anyone else to attend that school?...I'm might consider a move from Michigan to the Toledo area and was wondering would it be worth the move?..I'm so tired of the waiting list for LPN programs that I will be applying to both schools. Thanks for you input if any and congrats!
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  3. by   Allison123
    Have you tried Stazenberger College? They have a very nice school--sort of expensive but they do have funding available. Both days and evening classes. Professional Skills Institute is another LPN program. Again nice and has funding. but may have waiting list Athena expensive-no funding, all private pay. TPS is taking in their last class at this time unless they get a reprive form the School Board.
    Good luck in acheiving your dream.
  4. by   sunflower777
    Hi!..I will have to look into Stazenberger College...and yes I heard that TSPN might be closing so I'm out of luck on that one..PSI, a friend mentioned that to me yesterday..I feel a little better knowing now I have other options ..thanks a bunch!
  5. by   mstomple
    do not attend this school. you will regret it. this is not a professional school. people drop out because the teachers, administrators are unreasonable. do yourself a favor and look at other schools. check them out from previous students, state of ohio nursing board, better business bureau. ask the school what their passing rate is for the second quarter. not the nclex pass rate, but how many students pass the second quarter. the school administrator's philosophy is to make you learn everything on your own. they do not teach the student. they want the student to teach themselves. do not attend this school.
  6. by   subi997
    mstomple please share you experience, as to why you think the school is not good have you been a student of this school. do yo0u know any contacts who are attending at this time

  7. by   toledoproud
    The school use to be really bad! However in the past year they have new ownership, are fully accredited, have financial aid, have an evening program, and except transfers. I recently graduated so I know how bad it was and how it has improved. There are still issues like disorganization and miscommunication but those things happen everwhere and they are constantly working on it. I can say I am a proud graduate.
  8. by   K.Fountain
    toledoproud, what schol did you graduate from? TSPN or Athena?