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there is a temp job open in my area for the summer for a occupational health nurse. i am (about to be) a new grad. the posting says that they do not require any experience. i have no clue what i... Read More

  1. by   Jen11RN
    I am a new grad as well and have been offered a full-time position as an occupational nurse. My biggest concern is if I take this position for a few years and do not have that much hands on experience will I be able to change jobs in the future. Will a hospital take me if I don't have any real hands on experience if I do not like this type of work? I do not know how managers think when they hire someone. I figure they expect a new grad to be alittle clueless but what about two years later when I have only done occupational nursing?
  2. by   42pines
    Though the OP appears to be long gone, if others have the same question, the answers will be much better if you tell us what the company does, how many employees there are, and how close is the ambulance/emergency response service. This data allows us to answer better.

    The needs of a 38 employee data processing center, down the street from the ambulance are far different than those of a 250 employee steel girder manufacturing company.