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there is a temp job open in my area for the summer for a occupational health nurse. i am (about to be) a new grad. the posting says that they do not require any experience. i have no clue what i would be doing, it reads... Read More

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    thank you so much for all the replies! i hadnít realised anyone had.
    this is really informative and helpful.

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    Quote from nurse_bear
    ICRN's description is great. I'm thinking that since they want temporary help its more along the lines of blood draws. I am actually at work right now doing standby at a chemical plant turnaround (GREAT $$$!). I just pull a day or so a week when I can on my days off. The duties of a full time occ med nurse are many. There is a good demand also. It is a fairly new field with not many experienced people in it. Occupational medicine pays well, but it is a different animal than is regular nursing. I don't like having OSHA regulations hanging over my head. I treat all these first aid patients just like I would at my full time job (urgent care) but sometimes there is a conflict of interest. Certain treatments you provide make the incident "recordable" and show up as a mark on the employee's company's reputation for getting future contracts, etc. On one hand you have the company's safety representative pulling you in one direction when your training tells you to just treat the patient. Experienced occ med nurses probably dont have this problem. I have just been doing it here and there for a couple years. I do ok but I just dont like that feeling of wondering if I did too much for the patient that maybe I didn't need to do.

    Just FYI, occupational health nursing is NOT a new field! It's been around since 1888!
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    I would definitely find out a little bit more about the job. Being temporary and no experience, I would imagine it is going to be helping with annual physical exams or something like that.

    As deb1ohn mentions, this might not be the best job for a new graduate. If you will be working with a strong nursing staff, it would be a great opportunity. If you are going to be alone, you could be putting yourself at risk.

    As an OHN, you will be presented with MANY and VARIED conditions. You need to have a good, solid nursing base. There will be times when you will have to pull from your background/knowledge to make your decisions. As a new nurse, you may not have these skills.

    If an OHN is bored at work, it's because they did not take initiative to make it a better place. This is a great opportunity to talk about health, wellness and lifestyle changes. You can educate about disease and illness, medication, and prevention.

    I LOVE occupational health nursing. I would recommend that you search out some members from your local occupational health nursing organization. They would be a GREAT asset for you to talk with!
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    I am a new grad as well and have been offered a full-time position as an occupational nurse. My biggest concern is if I take this position for a few years and do not have that much hands on experience will I be able to change jobs in the future. Will a hospital take me if I don't have any real hands on experience if I do not like this type of work? I do not know how managers think when they hire someone. I figure they expect a new grad to be alittle clueless but what about two years later when I have only done occupational nursing?
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    Though the OP appears to be long gone, if others have the same question, the answers will be much better if you tell us what the company does, how many employees there are, and how close is the ambulance/emergency response service. This data allows us to answer better.

    The needs of a 38 employee data processing center, down the street from the ambulance are far different than those of a 250 employee steel girder manufacturing company.

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