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Standing order for vaccines?

  1. 0 Do you have a standing order from a physician in place for flu and hepatitis vaccines, in addition to the policy and the informed consent form?

    For those in health care settings, do you have employees without documentation of Hep B vaccination who decide not to be vaccinated at the time of hire sign a declination form?

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    In an industrial onsite clinic I've worked, there are standing orders for those immunizations, and HepB decliners sign a related form.
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    The facility I work at which is a university. I deal with both clients and employees. We have standing orders for vaccinations such as Flu, Hepatitis B, Tetanus (Td, Tdap), MMR, etc. We also have it where the employee/ student can sign a declination form for Hepatitis B. Anything else is handled on a case by case scenerio. To cover ourselves we like to have each case ran by our assistant medical director who is in charge of immunizations. Hope this helps you.
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    I work at a hospital-based occupational health center. For our employees, we do have a standing order for Hep B's, PPD's, flu vaccines, etc as well as permission forms and/or refusal forms. Each potential new employee is offered the Hep B if not already given at time of hire. Some are offered more (encouraged more) than others according to what area they are working. er. medical records versus Emergency dept.
    Hope this helps!