SOOO indecisive

  1. To all you OHN's out there, I am kindly asking for your input. I am in a very difficult position right now trying to decide whether or not to leave critical care nursing for an OHN job at a wonderful company. It would be a completly different career path for me as I've only been a nurse for only a couple years. What do you love and hate about your job????
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  3. by   3rdcareerRN
    Speaking for myself:
    Like: Nearly everything...independence, slower pace, less burdensome documentation, walkie-talkie clients, lots of variety, involvement in business areas, seeing a client for months or years (compared to a few hours, in the E.R.)

    Dislike: Being the only healthcare person in the building on my shift; M-F schedule (I'd prefer three 12's); atrophy of hospital skills; the initial need to be an instant expert on OSHA, WorkerComp, Pulmonary Function Tests, HAZWOPER, ...

    Good luck with your decision.
  4. by   RN007
    I LOVE being off weekends and holidays. The company I work for shuts down the week of Christmas/New Year's. I don't get paid but at least I don't have to worry about how my working on a holiday will affect my kids. I also love getting to spend more time with the associates and developing a relationship. I do not miss being around condescending MDs who treat me like I don't know anything and love being around people who appreciate my knowledge and willingness to listen and care. And I love having time to care for them!

    I very much miss the clinical setting. I like the hospital but not the crazy way it treats nurses. Recently another nurse and I almost fought over a patient who needed a blood draw, ha ha! And I was in heaven during the flu vax clinics. Worker's Comp can be frustrating, but a lot of that depends on how your company chooses to handle things. There's not a whole lot I don't like!
  5. by   Sunshine382
    Thank you both for the useful replies. Being the only nurse and so independant, do you feel that you hold greater liability than in the hospital?
  6. by   RN007
    Not me, because the associates aren't that sick. I come from an oncology background where many of my patients were literally a heartbeat away from death. The associates I see now come in with back pain, headache, something in their eye, a splinter, etc. with an occasional emergency for which we will call an ambulance after we've assessed them.

    I'm also lucky because on my day shift, there are nurses at other on-site clinics (different plant).