Pre-employment physical question

  1. 0 Hi, I'm an RN with Bipolar disorder. I had a pre-employment physical yesterday and the MD stated she "might" put my file on the medical directors desk for review. How do I know if I passed or if they will need a letter from my psychiatrist? Should I call them? or wait to see if anything comes of it? ....I didn't hear anything today and am feeling anxious!
    Any thoughts?
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    If no one has called you in a week's time, I would call them and ask for your status. Where I work, the MD or PA doing the physical would tell the applicant right away if they wanted a letter from their psychiatrist. If an applicant was diagnosed a long time ago and has been stable on their meds, a letter usually isn't required but if they are newly diagnosed then a letter is usually required addressing their history, diagnosis, current status and if they have any limitations or restrictions.
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    I went back to have my TB read and they couldn't find my was in the medical directors office. She came out to get me to have a "chat". After hearing what I had to say she signed off so I could pass my physical even though I had a maniac episode 6 mos ago. So, guess it depends on the medical director, but I was relieved to not have to jump thru another hoop. Not that my psychiatrist wouldn't give me the letter if they wanted, but I just didn't want to deal with it.... Thanks for the reply

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