OHN job interview: opinions please!

  1. I have 0, yes ZERO experience as an OHN, yet I had a successful telephone interview for OHN job (part-time MWF).

    As for the next interview, I haven't a clue what to anticipate (other than the obvious- OSHA regs, recordability, hazardous materials). Any suggestions? The company is a manufacturing plant (diagnostic equipment etc etc).

    The MWF sounds unusual don't you think?? (but may be an advantage for me as most OHNs probably wish to work full-time).

    ANY advice, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   ownadobe
    Depending on how many years experience you have now is important. OHNs in manufacturing think on their feet. They have no resources such as a physician at hand. They tend to rely on standing orders from the plant physician for medications but other decisions as to how to handle and injury or illness is pretty much your call. You have the OSHA regs but if it is a facility similar to mine you would have the safety department to assist you. We also have EMTs who also respond to medical emergencies. I love what I do. Even though I had many years experience as a nurse, my 1st year as an OHN was more of a learning experience. I have now been at if for over 7 years and find it very rewarding. I hope this helps.
  4. by   dianabay
    Thanks, ownadobe; I appreciate you taking the time to post; as it turns out, I didn't make the shortlist.....oh well, more time for school!
  5. by   hazoy
    Hi, I'm new to Florida & having a hard time finding nursing employment agencies. I am really interested in getting an corporate occupational health position. I am an RN. I do have a background in occupational health & emergency preparedness in NYC. Does anyone know employment agencies I can contact. I live in Hernando County, Florida.
    Thanks, hazoy
  6. by   Goodrich
    I may be respoding too late and if that is true I am sorry. I also got a OHN job without experience but the facility was looking for a nurse to build a rapport with their employees so that the employees felt comfortable reporting problems. The job has developed from there. Since there is only one of me and 380 employees and 3 shifts, we use many outside sources for testing and such but I have to know what and when to do testing. I think a background in emergency medicine would have been helpful maybe. I think it depends on what the employer is looking for.
  7. by   Melinurse
    I also have no experience in OHN nursing but find it intresting and would like to explore the possibility of a career. I have 4 years of med-surg and ortho experience as an LPN and I just graduated as a RN. I am totally burnt out on med-surg and am looking to try something new. Any suggestions on how to find an occupational nursing job/agency would be great. Thanks.
  8. by   ownadobe
    There are some national agencies that hire nurses for Occ Health. Concentra is one that comes to mind. You might want to do a search and check out what is in your area.