1. There has been a posting for several months in my location for Supervisor RN. The following is copy and pasted:
    Description SUMMARY: This position is responsible for implementing and maintaining Occupational Health Nurse programs, policies and procedures for facility, supervising and evaluating nursing care provided to Team Members and ensuring adequate staffing is provided on each shift, and monitoring all nursing functions to ensure nursing staff adheres to correct nursing procedures. Other duties include attending facility management production meetings to provide occupational health related updates, ensuring annual renewal and obtaining physician signature for Clinical Condition Guidelines and Standing Medication Orders, conducting annual nurse performance evaluations, and interviewing and hiring qualified nursing staff. Otherresponsibilities include conducting new nurse orientation, conducting monthly in-service training for nurses, managing ergonomic health management program for the facility, manage workers compensation case management program and ensuring records and reporting systems comply with OSHA, State, company and legal requirements. Other duties include planning and maintaining nurse department budget, participating in facility safety and ergonomic programs, developing and coordinatinghealth education programs for Team Members, completing two continuing education programs per year relative to occupational health nursing, and performing other duties as the need arises. REQUIREMENTS: Education: Associate's degree in Nursing. Bachelors degree preferred. Experience: 2+ years of experience in occupational health nursing and management Computer Skills: Basic computer skills Travel: 1 to 5 domestic trips per year. Supervisory Skills: This position is responsible for supervising a group of nursing personnel. POSITION REPORTS TO: Plant Manager

    I have thought about applying, but it has been up for several months, so there must be a reason. Is this what you all do? It sounds overwhelming.


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  3. by   XB9S
    Hi there, that does sound like a huge job and I am not sure what OHN nurses do in the US. Have you spoken to anyone who works at this facility, to discuss the job that may help. I like to get as much informationa as I can before applying for a job anywhere so will phone and ask questions then go for an informal visit, this can give you a feel for the place and lets you ask other questions.

    Let us know what you decide