LPN new to OHM.. needing some help..

  1. I'm an LPN of 8 years that just took on an OHM position at a poultry processing plant. This is my first time with OH work and I have spent the last four months of employement learning this the hardway- having to learn through mistakes.

    I don't like it.. I don't feel prepared at all and I'd like some kind of formal training but when I scour online for training every place wants you to be an RN or have five years of OH experience as an LPN before they'll let you enroll (it would be moot at that point).

    Do any of you have any idea where I can turn to? AAOHN was a dead end for me as well as several college programs.

    Any help on this would be appreciated because I'm frustrated and feel like I'm of little use asside from actual patient care.
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  3. by   RocknRollYogaRn
    Are you working in a slaughterhouse? The workers in slaughterhouses have very high injury rates. I wouldn't do it. Slaughterhouses are ugly places for the animals and the human animals that work there. Get a job in home health, nursing home, doctor's office instead.
  4. by   Nurselizy
    You need to take: OSHA record keeping courseAudiogram certification courseOSHA 10hr course (minimum to familiarize yourself)These courses will help you understand your role and why you were hired: to care for injuries that occur in the workplace. The OSHA 10hr will give you basics on hazards that CAN occur in the workplace. Have you taken any of these classes?