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I'm thinking about my future as an OHN - I like what I do but it's groundhog day... 10 years (onshore / offshore heavy industry, remote are support) and wondering what's next. I live / work in... Read More

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    I guess my perception of the future of OHN is different than most. What I foresee is the OHN becoming a huge asset to any company. As the companies look for ways to help reduce insurance costs, etc., the OHN will/can come into play by being an educator and wellness advocate.

    Many OHN's lack the ability or tools to show their worth/value. You have to be able to not only do a good job, but actually prove your worth. Why is the OHN a good choice over a less expensive MA or even an EMT? See where I'm going with this?

    OHN's need to band together and develop a strong voice. We have the power to affect legislation. We typically have backgrounds in multiple areas such as case management, business, leadership, safety, etc. We can serve a multipurpose role in any company!

    This is one of the times you absolutely have to TOOT YOUR OWN HORN!!
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    The last time I posted was May 2010. Just one month later I was laid off.... I somewhat saw it coming yet was in denial. I loved every part of OHN and was very saddened. Many who post on this thread are correct in that OHN's are VERY desirable to companies. After having my position terminated I worked for a NP and loved it! A OHN job came up and I was not going to apply (until 3 people asked me if I had yet)! I applied and by the grace of God was hired. Of course the experience helped, their were so many applicants and only 4 of us were called for an interview. Happy to write that this company LOVES their employees and I LOVE this job. LOVE BEING AN OHN

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